Is there an addon on putting stars back into blender…I do not see why Blender took that option out…we do a lot of space ship clips and use a lot of stars in the back ground

File->User Preferences->Addons find Add Mesh: Extra Objects (and check to install) and Save User Settings. Now you can add star: Shift+A for Add Mesh->Extra Objects->Basic Object->Stars

speaking about blender 2.65 the star function didn’t work very well and often crashed the program. what’s more it created the stars scattered throughout the scene rather than at extreme distance. i just go for a huge sphere around the scene onto which i put a hubble(or similar) image that i have made seamless using gimp. i can then give it an emit value so the stars glow a bit, as long as the image is really high res this will work very well. especially as moving around in the area where your action takes place will give almost no translation of the ships/planets/asteroids against the background stars, which is what one gets in reality. if you need some other types of star then just place little glowing spheres (as small as possible but quite bright) just inside a sphere with a nebula pattern on it, make sure they are as far from the camera and objects involved in animation as possible, you will need to alter the camera and 3d viewer settings so you can see to several hundred thousand metres out.

I guess I have to retort to that…I did manage to do stucco and adjust but it is not that good…thanks for your replay Jagdpanther…