Starscape Add-On

Hi there!

I created an add-on to add stars to the background of a scene. It has the following features:

  • Procedural generation of stars
  • Realistic brightness and colour distribution
  • Realistic number of stars in the sky (adjustable)
  • Stars are actual objects in the scene (no textures!)
  • Stars are like point sources and their appearance is independent from
    • Render resolution
    • Camera focal length
  • Appearance can be changed by hand after generation
  • Compatible with all kinds of world backgrounds

Check out the GitHub page to download the add-on and for instructions about how to use it.

Here is a simple example of what it looks like:

(Moon and earth are not part of the add-on.)

At the moment, there are only few options to the add-on:

  • Star density control
  • Star intensity setting
  • Hemisphere only
  • Random seed
  • Camera lock


In the future, I plan to add the following features:

  • Increase intensity range to fainter stars
  • Add a milky way, i.e. a band of higher star density
  • Twinkling stars in animations
  • Change the star shape




Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome! I have released a new version with additional features (see above). If you have additional ideas, feel free to comment!