Starship Component Library

So, I’m working on developing a component library for Starships that are from the family of Star Trek: The Original Series with some Star Trek Phase II components thrown in, here’s what I have so far.

Constitution Class Saucer
Constitution Class Secondary Hull (WIP)
TOS Style Constellation Class Primary Hull
TOS era Warp Nacelles (Port/Left, Starboard/Right, Dorsal/Top and Ventral/Bottom)
TOS Interconnecting Dorsal (Saucer Pylon)
TOS Nacelle Pylons.

The components I’m gonna need help developing are the Miranda Class Primary Hull as seen in the Phase II Fan Series episode “Blood and Fire” and the Federation Class Secondary hull. If anyone would like to contribute some tips and tricks for helping me develop those models feel free to comment how it could be done.

Big shoutout to Eric Reinholdt for his amazing youtube tutorial, without which this project wouldn’t be possible,

Here’s my current progress on the Miranda Class Style Primary Hull, I used the existing geometry to make the aft expansion where engineering would be located.