starship - environment for feature length animation

it took about [best guess] 1 minute or so and with out AO it took about 2 seconds

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback. Also to corndog, good job with the render, I think that’s about as nice as it will get with the internal render and no shadows. Having said that, it’s not really the look I’m going for sorry.

The nice GI lighting and shadows is exactly what I’m after, so it’s starting to look like the cost of staying with blender will be very long render times. Hmmf.

Good news, I’ve been doing some tests with the kerkythea renderer, and am quite happy with the quality and speed. I need to do a bit more testing but it looks like it will be up to the job.


I dare you to use Indigo to render.

Tried indigo, the default test render was enough to scare me off…

:smiley: Great looking stuff. So how long film you are making actually?

Indigo isn’t quite suitable for animation due to the large rendering times. :slight_smile:

Lol, I don’t think there is any job where indigos render times are suitable (sorry indigo people, but you KNOW what I mean).

As far as how long my animation will be, I don’t know. For me - and I know this is upside down and round the wrong way - I like to start by designing the visual style and temperaments of the characters and their environments, then think about what sort of issues I’d like to address with my story (usually social and or political). Also, I usually have a couple of ideas for action sequences that have no connection to any story whatsoever - they just there for pure entertainment value.

Once I’ve established those things, I like to pretty much let them write their own story. If that makes any sense…