Starship Fighter

This is loosely based on a tut I saw. So I’m more looking for comments/crits on the laser affect/wings. The lasers I just got by playing around with Halo settings, but it would be cool to have them reflect light off of their surroundings. Textures I just got from a free online texture site. You can see that the UV unwrapping is a bit weak, particularly on the front of the nose. I need to learn more about UV texturing. For lighting I just used a spotlight. I think it looked more interesting than a regular lamp, but there’s still probably more I could do.
Thanks for any comments/crits


Just stick a couple of lights in there, since halos can’t ray reflect and they don’t emit light of their own. If you want to animate it, you could put another emitter which emits low-level lights and sync the two.

I’d turn off Shadow for the ground… Theres this big shadow on it from the ship that really shouldnt be there, heh