Starship for the exodus movie in the work!

Some week ago I annonced the movie THE EXODUS (each part of the movie will be around 2-3 minute and there will be like 10 parts) but when I come to begin to make the scene I rapidly saw that I needed some more different ship! I didn’t had much time for in the last week because I worked on two mod at the same time (one for homeworld and the other for freespace2). Today I decided to begin a new ship…A rebel cruiser.

I will need to add more detail on it but if you have idea on what to add/change or remove please tell me. Thank!
(This is an early wip)

Pic one:
Pic two:

and yea I finally decide to make a site on iptic. :slight_smile: Thanks adam!

the stars between the 2 front rudders looks very out of place, unless those are not stars


No they are not star. (if I understand what you mean… :-? )

I have to work on the texture so…I will probably change this one! :wink:

It’s definately a cool start but I would round out the edges either by using the SubSurf button or upping the number of vert’s and then using the smooth button (not “Set Smooth”). I think it would also look nice to add small antennas in some places as well as lighting for the exterior of the ship. I know you already said you will be changing the texture, but I think you should not rely on the texture too much for depth and size. Remove the Materials and textures, model the ship, and then when that looks good, add the materials and textures. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!