So I finally got the time to finish a small project I’ve been working on over the last few days, a simple-ish starship model. Modeling was completely done in Blender, texturing was done with Substance Painter.
It runs about 50-60K polys, so relatively low poly, but not quite enough for most games or anything.


Few days??? Thanks like a month of modeling :slight_smile:

Nice work. I like the style and it looks really good.

The shape is really cool. I miss having a noticeable cockpit tho.

Maybe some more saturated colors, but fuck it, this is cool.

edit: Oh yeah, reflections. Thats another thing Im missing here. Global reflections. (Just add an HDRI only for reflections, it should work great)

Texture and model look good. My issue is that the wings are tiny. How does this thing fly with tiny wings?
Also, I can’t figure out the scale. If I look at your edge scratches they are the size of edge scratches you see on 3d guns, which makes this read like a tiny figurine the size of a 3d gun.