📣 Start a conversation with the new 'Unanswered' option

We noticed that there’s a fair number of topics that don’t get any replies, and of course this is not a good or welcoming experience. At the same time, we have lots of people who are eager to help out with a question, give feedback on artwork or simply discuss something. We just made it easier for them to find those topics without replies with the new ‘Unanswered’ button - this will show on any topic lists inside a category. Here’s an example on the Finished Projects category (this link already has ‘Unanswered’ activated).

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Totally welcomed! Let’s appreciate those orphan art submissions. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


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Ups does this work? I can even see several featured projects if i follow this link and click on unanswered…


It does; that link already has ‘unanswered’ activated. If you click it again, you’ll disable it. I’ll edit my OP to clarify.

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Very nice idea :+1:


good, its maybe help in some cases.


Ahh yes … Unanswered (but with orange background) and Unanswered :orange_circle: (with orange dot)…
Ii didn’t recognize because i mostly click on New and don’t switch to Top or Latest and i admit i do often click Dismiss New on all the new Finished Artwork entries after selecting only a few i found interesting (i also trying hard to catchup on all the Feature row suggestions :sweat: ).


The problem with the current gallery view is that you don’t actually get to see the reply count, so you do not know what image threads contain responses unless you enter every single one. This, I believe, combines with the like system in actually discouraging people from leaving a reply (which means no critique).

Yes, people still get likes at least, but the like system really cannot be seen as a replacement for actual interaction.


Great idea.

I agree.

Maybe have a smaller thumbnail on the left and then replies and likes and such… displayed in rows rather than a grid.

Or simply a bubble or two at the bottom right of the picture showing the number of views and replies. That’s fairly standard UI design these days.

That’s the problem being solved here, now you can easily filter out threads that don’t have replies :slight_smile:


I guess this button is a must-have for all those waiting for answers.

Maybe there shoud also be a button that members click as IMPORTANT, just to have an unanswer hierarchy.
I cannot answer but this seems important to me some other more competent people answer this…

Happy blending !

I don’t understand, what would that button do?

That does not actually show the total number of replies though, this label only highlights whether or not replies were written at all.

I do wonder if Discourse actually has a way to display thread stats in a format that is compatible with the gallery view, or whether the devs. expect certain forums to have two implementations of certain features. Is it possible?

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Great addition!

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Well, just answering with this text will raise the traffic in that post and if this user is more known in the community (s)he is also listed on the main page right in the Latest-column or in any category in the “participated users”- column and may provoke more attention.

And using a (very) descriptive title also helps to raise attention…

It will show in the regular topic list. For galleries I’m sure it could be added but I’m reluctant to add more ‘noise’. If anything, I’d favor adding a ‘like’ button there for some more light-weight interaction.