Start blender fro debugging

Sometimes Blender crashes on me with a Segmentation fault. As I compile it myself from the latest head this can be expected. However I was wondering what can I do to get more information on the crash so it becomes possible to file a meaningful bug report. Are there any flags that I can use when starting Blender? Or have I to compile Blender with certain Flags?



I had hoped for a slightly easier way, but I can be inconvenienced a little to further the quality of Blender.

Is it possible to make debugging on WinXP? I need this to test a (probably) serious crash bug. Brecht doesn’t get crash but he suppose
“It’s not really necessary to make a backtrace, since the problem I found is likely the same issue you had, but there’s some info on that here:” and the link is exactly you gave here.
So I don’t want to bother him more, I’m trying to find how debug by myself without istalling Linux.

There is the debug flag you can pass on the command line (-d) which does provide some additional info (at least in my case as I have compiled blender with debug symbols). This might already do the trick.