Hey all

My brother made a site its called:

With M2H Start you can make your own handy startpage, its very easy to do and very handy. Now he made this site for free you can make choose your own layout and add your own link and then set it as your startpage. This is very handy if youre too lazy too fill in that long link again or search trough your bookmarks. I would love to hear what you all think about this.

Many thanks,


Firefox already has this.

Firefox doesn’t have this, your talking about tabs.

Anyway any suggestions or comments or this site?

I think that bmax meant this:, not tabs. I use it, it’s great as long as you keep your bookmarks organized. I wish they would implement a better bookmarking system.

No I’m not. I’m talking about Bookmarks. They can be categorised and searched. Isn’t that what you are offering?

Let me get this clear. With start.m2h you are able to make your own START UP page wich will be displayed when you startup your browser. This will prevent things like searching through your bookmarks or filling in that long link again or search it up if your forgot the link. So start.m2h is just your own startpage wich you can edit. So … any suggestions, comments?

Hm…well you just restated what you said before, but I suppose you want to drive your point home.

I’m a little skeptical as to the usefulness of what you are offering here. From what I’ve seen on the website, you add your links to a page and it displays them, in categories if you so wish. (It also seems to display it arbitrarily on the page, but that’s beside the point.)

What I’m wondering, is what this offers in addition to my bookmarking tool in my browser. In Firefox (and most other browsers that I’ve seen) you can categorise your links in a similar fashion (hierarchically even), and have them displayed on startup as well. The additional benefit in Firefox and Opera (not sure about IE) is that you can search them, something which your website lacks.

Long story short; what does your site offer that my bookmarks don’t. I’m just curious, nothing more. I’m always interested in widgets and tools, it’s a passion of mine I guess. :wink:

Well oke that’s fine if you dont like it then dont use it ! It just helps you to organize all links on a site: your homepage. Its oke with me you dont like it but please stop posting all your thoughts about it here I heard enough you also just could said in the beginning: I dont like it it has no use because you already have bookmarks. That saves you alot of time and me. Now can I have some comments and suggestions on this site ?

that is actually doable via Firefox, just export your bookmarks to an HTML startup page and its like that…

but it does sound like a good service you are offering. will be good for all people on IE, or who don’t know firefox.


Thanks for your weighed-out argumentation and accurate replies. I’m outta here. Hope you feel better about yourself.


Oh, and good job on being so presumptuous as to come up with the idea that I don’t like what you’re offering. If you actually bothered understanding my post then you would realise that I never even implied it.


he’s just promoting his brothers skills