Start New Game Actuator

Just wondering how or if the “Start new game” actuator can be set with python. I tried:


no joy.

Cheers for any replies

ps I’m using 2.25

print dir(act)

in publisher: []
in cvs: [‘getFile’, ‘setFile’]

so, I’d assume you could:

... # get gameAct
GameLogic.AddActiveActuator(gameAct,1) # pulse gameAct

Thanks for the reply z3ro d. I tried using ‘setFile’ and got the error:

Attribute error: setFile

my code was:


I printed dir(act[0]) and got [] like you said. Does this mean that the “Start new game” actuator has no methods at all?

no, it doesn’t [dir doesn’t always give you everything]

but the error could mean that 2.25 doesn’t have that abilitiy [I got those functions from a 2.34 pre build], so you could try that

also, that line WILL NOT work, python will complain that it doesn’t know what Test1 is