Start of my little turtle

At this point it’s recognizable as a turtle, I definitely have a far ways to go.

please give opinions, criticism, etc. along the way! Updates will be posted on this forum :slight_smile: (p.s. I know I need to re-uv wrap the skin)

I would change the shell a bit (or whatever you call it) because i dont think those lines are green.
maybe make it darker than the brown color, and make it a bump map? also you could change it so that the neck doesnt come out underneath the shell but raise the front a little so it becomes a little semicircle.
Those are just ideas, you can keep this because it is your work! :smiley:

Fixed the shell texture in gimp:


Edited color and added bumpy texture:

on turtle:

seems to be coming along quite nicely :slight_smile:

(I’m working on the skin uv mapping)

very cool work waiting to be finished

Look at reference images. The cracks between the shell segments appear to be glowing currently. Also, the shell actually encompasses the entire body including the belly. The legs, tail, and neck protrude from the lower segment of the shell. You also should work on a good normal map for the shell. It looks like its too smooth currently.

As I said I’m not done, this is still a work in progress. Of course I will include the plastron (underbelly part of shell). And for the shell map, I purposely made it rather smooth for this cartoon-style character. Thank you for the tip on the cracks between the segments though :slight_smile:

Started working on the face, and the plastron. But I’m having issues on the uv mapping of the skin (as you can see how it’s been turning out in the pictures), could anyone help?

still need to:
-finish plastron
-finish face
-feet & toes
-fix skin (help please!)

What are you having issues with on the unwrap? Have you taken pertinent UV tuts?

like I think I’m doing things correctly, I set up everything the same way I did the shell I…
-marked a couple seams while in edit mode
-unwrapped into the uv editor and moved it around a little bit
-changed “generated” to “UV” in mapping
-changed “repeat” to “clip” in image mapping
-I also edited the texture using nodes but I don’t think that should have changed anything

…but the skin is turning out stretched in places, condensed in others and just all wrong as you can see in the images above. I’ve been blending for only about 3 months so I obviously have little experience with everything. So far it seems like I only have my toes in the water, still working my way around. Thank you, I’ll watch that tut and post here if it helps the problem.

finished the belly (aka plastron)

What do you think? Should I texture it to a shade of greenish-yellow? I was planning on doing so, but after seeing how great it turned out I’m thinking of keeping it the way it is.

I know to some of you this may seem very simple, but this is the furthest I’ve ever gone using blender, and I’m just thrilled on how well it’s turning out :smiley:

I like it!!

Thank you :smiley:

I’m Loving this, i’m also reasonably new to blender, and i need help on eyelids!!
keep up the good work!

its really cool :smiley: ill help with the eyelids if you want ;D

Thank you :smiley: yea I’ve only been blending for about 3 months and besides just a little autocad (3D program used in engineering) I’ve never worked with any other 3D modeling software, so I’m really proud of this :smiley:

I do need some help, I just am lost on where to start and how to go about it.

Very good, try putting up a wooden table

do you mean instead of the tile floor?

now onto rigging and animation