start to finish game making tutorial?

Is there, by any chance, a tutorial that covers making a very basic game from start to finish. I have searched and couldn’t find anything that covers a start to finish game. I could really use something like that to jump-start a concept I have running around in my head.


wO Odman 5k

Got one…looks good for those with the same question.

I’ll try to make one. I’m all the weeks thinking about making a tutorial. But I think I start writing down some information or something and start making a tutorial that learns you making a complete small game in blender.

If someone has ideas what kind of game, not too big, and a good start for a beginner. :wink:

Perhaps making a third person demo in which the actor interacts with its environment by picking up an item, using an item, ect. Just something as simple as having a character walk around a room and pick up a key on a table that is needed to open a door. Points, health, and maybe inventory making would be nice. Perhaps after opening the door the actor could pick up a gun and shoot an enemy or something. I would be extremely gratefull as I am sure many others would. For me personally, I would like to see python and logic bricking used for the game engine. I would like to see an armatured and animated actor. And you could go over camera movements, maps, textures, and lighting techniques too. The key here would be explaining start to finish each aspect of the creation of the game. I would love to use it as a template to create my own characters to react with their environment. From a small demonstration of the possibilities the tutorial could be used as a reference to expand the demo into something bigger. I hope that I am not asking too much.


In the link above, just press the tutorials buttom and some more game
engine tutorials will be available

And in the sticky post above in this forum you’ll find many more

Remember to make it in wiki script… :wink:

OTO those are really great tutorials! :smiley: Would you be willing to convert them to wiki script and upload them to the wiki when I’ve set it up?

Keith. 8)

Sure gorgan_almi

I’ll be very glad
I’ll try to do an extra effort reviewing and actualizing them

Hey OTO how about releasing the blend that goes with that Stella Toon tutorial? I’d really like to see that animation properly.

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At your service, sir!

Cheers! I’ll have a look at that right now. :slight_smile:

“The document contains no data” :-?

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Big sorry