Start up animation not playing in stand alone player

Hi guys,
I really need your help!
When I run my game in the stand alone player, the initial animation for the players gun showing is not playing.

Start the stand alone player from another scene (menu scene etc), animation doesn’t play
Start the stand alone player from the game scene, the animation is fine.
Start from any scene in the embedded player, the animation is fine.

There are no errors in the console.
The same animation is used when switching weapons. The animation works fine in every one of the above situations. Only the initial run of the animation I’m having problems with.

I’ve attached a link to the blend download. Its a bit big hence why it’s on google drive.

To give you a brief idea of the structure:
When the game scene is loaded -> runs -> at the end it sends a message to the WeaponManager object that the level has loaded. This wasn’t actually needed. I added this step to make sure all objects were loaded before trying to call the objects action. This didn’t help, but I’ve kept it anyway.
WeaponManager receives this message, and then sends a message to the correct weapon to show. I have temporarily isolated the code in to another script ( Its usually in the, hence why the weapon name is hard coded while I resolve this issue.
Finally, the relevant weapon (In this case: Weapon_SpaceRifle) receives the message and runs, which plays the showWeapon action.

I’ve tried in both 2.73 and 2.74

I’ve used print() statements to make sure all areas of code are being run. Which they are. If I place a print() statement immediately before the call to play the action, it is ALWAYS run. So I know the code is always run even when the animation doesn’t play.

If somebody can help me solve this I’ll be very grateful! It’s driving me mad!!

I’ve also noticed that I’m having a problem with the mousemove script under the exact same circumstances. It turns the player around when the level is loaded. Again, only in the stand alone player when switching from another scene.

I disabled the mousemove script to see if it was related to my main problem. The player was back in the right orientation, but the gun still wasn’t showing.

It’s a clue anyway.

Another clue: It only happens on the very initial launch. So if I exit the game back to the games main menu and start a new game, the animation and mousemove are fine.

Sorry to boost. Can anyone help??