Start Up confusion

Im using Blender 2.5 Beta and it started up with the regular screen with a square in the center of the grid. I messed around with the “Global Undo” by changing the memory limit to 2 instead of zero and now every time I start up I get this screen:

and when I change to 3D view I get to left ortho view with a background picture from a previous project and a damn circle in the middle of it.
Did I screw something up by saving that project or did changing the memory limit do something(as unlikely as that can be)? And how do I fix it so I go directly to the grid with the square when I start up?

I guess you hit “save as default” after changing the memory limit. This save option is used for the complete interface! So clean up your 3D-viewport, go to perspective mode… etc. just make blender look like you want it to look every time you start it. Then go to File -> User Preferences and hit “save as default” again.
That should fix it :slight_smile:

AH! Fixed everything. Thank you!