start up file in 2.79

On win 10 i did not find the start up in the usual App folder

can someone tell me where it is right now ?

I would like to save these in case I need to redo it!

happy bl


C:\Users\Ejer\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\config

Here is Mine…All My config file is there - from first time I start Blender…:slight_smile:

I never installed Blender…No reason to install in Windows…Just run…Puff Puff

In Windows - You need to turn hidden files on - Is in folders view tap.

If not there try to search after it…:slight_smile:


I did not find these when I did the search first time
but now seems to be there

don’t know how this happen

happy bl

it auto generates when you save user prefs or startup.

i always just copy my whole 2.7x folder then rename it to the version. that way all my settings are there.

it is possible when I added new 2.79
it used the default I had in 2.78 I think
then I forgot about it

but I did some new change to my default file and it re created the start file ect


happy bl