Start-up: Paid work or co-founder

Hi, I’m Nicholas,
I’m an entrepreneur based in London, U.K.

I’m currently launching a very exciting new start-up PC based simulator. It is a VR PC game, and will require a large amount of 3D modeling, animation and particularly soft body physics.

I am not from a tech background, and have no experience with Blender or other 3D engines. I am therefore looking to hire a Blender (or CryEngine, Unreal etc.) artist to work for me (paid), or with (co-founder) me on this exciting project.

It is a great start-up, with a very promising business model. The largest challenge that we will face is developing the actual software, which an experienced game developer should have no problem with!
The business plan is solid; hardware, target market (customers), sales channels, marketing etc. is all relatively straightforward.

Would you, or an associate, be interested in partnering with me on this, or would you be able to give me any suggestions as to where I could recruit experienced blender artists?

Please reply to: [email protected]

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Nicholas Bush
[email protected]

can we se it?

you are making it hard to understand your needs here, do you need an artist - as in making models, or an programmer - as in building programs. There are an big difference and an good artist don’t need to know allot about programing.

exactly what are you going to sell?
hardware or software?

you will most likely be able to find artists here, but you would probably need to specify your needs and the idea a bit more :slight_smile:

if you need an artist as in making 3d models, I can probably do it. but i would need more info, pm me if ur interested!

oh great i will email to you man.