Start with pre-Bmesh tutorials?

I switched to Blender about 2 days ago from 3ds Max. I’m used to Max so the way Blender does things is pretty foreign to me.

What makes things difficult is that most of the modeling tutorials I find are pre-Bmesh.

Any new tutorials about Bmesh seem to be an overview about what it can do as opposed to actually teaching you how to model in the updated Blender.

So I either find old modeling tutorials, or new modeling tutorials that assume you know how to model in Blender.

I have yet to find a beginner’s modeling tutorial done in Version 2.63.

So I have two questions…

  1. Do you know of any beginner modeling tutorials for 2.63?

  2. If not, should I just learn with those old tutorials that don’t account for Bmesh and hope one day someone makes a beginner tutorial with Bmesh?

Try (in the BlenderCookie section). They have 2 or 3 guys there who are very down to earth and very knowledgeable with Blender. They cover just about every aspect of the program and don’t assume that you have a prior knowledge.

As for Bmesh – don’t worry too much about it. There aren’t that many tutorials out there that concentrate on Bmesh as the primary modeling workflow feature. It’s merely another tool for the 'ol arsenal. I’ve been using programs that have had ngons as a “feature” for years and I still try to model with all quads. Bmesh is meant to remove modeling limitations and not to bring mana from heaven.

You don`t need to learn BMesh, you need to learn the available modeling tools. BMesh is just the new mesh handling core under the hood. Current tools that relys at BMesh are for example the Knife tool. Or Loopcut and Slide. Lots of other tools still lacks of NGon support, and works the old way. It will take years before all available tools are able to benefit from the NGon support that came with BMesh.

and I still try to model with all quads

So do i. My resulted mesh is always tris or quads. But its not about the final result, its about the tools. Without BMesh it was a pain in the ass to reconnect an edgeloop. Because removing a edge lead to a NGon. Something the old Blender wasnt really happy with. It triangulated immediately in the way. I had cases where i wouldve had to remodel the mesh just for the sake of reconnecting a edgeloop. And the lack of tools that can deal with NGons ist still the reason why i still model outside of Blender. Knifetool is a nice beginning, but just a beginning.

I model the same way with Bmesh as I did without it.

thanks everybody. i’m following along with the older modeling tutorials as suggested.

but man, i’ll be honest, the modeling process in Blender seems really cumbersome. want to deselect some points? click B, hold down alt, then one of your mouse buttons… but i can’t remember which one, so i click left button and bam, i just moved the 3d cursor and didn’t deselect anything.

this thing is making my blood pressure rise.

i’m used to Max. not saying it’s better so relax with the flames. just seems more natural. let’s face it, selecting with RMB is not normal in software so you’re fighting a couple decades of ingrained reflexes with every selection.

but again if you were going from Blender to Max you’d probably get annoyed too.

regardless, i’m seriously considering Wings3D or something to model and just bring the obj’s into Blender for everything else.

It’s all what your used to I guess. I tried several other applications and always fall back to Blender.

You can change the way Blender’s buttons work to suit your needs: File>User Preferences>Input. It also has a drop down for emulating Maya’s workflow if you’re familiar with that program.

As for deselecting points, try using the point select “brush” by pressing C, then using your middle mouse button to deselect. I’ll admit that Blender’s workflow takes some getting used to, but that’s true for any program. Stick with it and you’ll get the hang of it.

Edit – JA12 beat me to it.

selecting with RMB
Go to : File / Userpreferences, here select the Input tab, and here, at the left side, change “Select with” from Right to Left. Save User Preferences, and voila :slight_smile:

I´ve heavily customized my Blender version. I couldn`t work with the standard Blender UI and navigation neither. Not with all the other software that i also use in my neck. I need for example no hotkey for navigation. RMB - translate, MMB - rotate, Scrollwheel - zoom. And LMB select. Or the 3D widget. I´ve combined the 3D widget with the alt key, i selected this one too often by accident. I rarely use it anyways. And i wish i could turn the widget invisible. But this one is hard coded from what i know.

The only pitfall with customizations might be that you might stumble across some features that doesn`t work as thougth now anymore. I remember some conflicts with Paint mode. But they are fortunately rare. And once you notice such a baddie you can easily fix it.

“want to deselect some points? click B, hold down alt, then one of your mouse buttons”

What? That’s not even true.
If you press B, you use LMB/MMB do box-select/deselect.
If you press C, you use LMB/MMB to brush-select/deselect.
If you hold down ctrl, you use LMB/MMB to lasso-select/deselect.

Since it took some time before I realized some of this myself, some more selection tidbits:
If you press ctrl+I, you invert your selection

If you press ctrl+L, you expand your selection to all partially selected geometry islands.
If you mouseover+L, you select a geometry island
If you mouseover+shift+L, you deselect a geometry island

If you press shift+G, you get a menu to select components based on numbers of connected vertices / size likeness / etc.

You can use the spacebar search to find additional features like select random, select nth, etc.

About the 3d cursor - manually placing it with LMB is something I’ve only come to appreciate recently… but even as a Blender beginner, it becomes much less annoying when you start to learn using the cursor and pivot-modes fluently.

Bmesh mostly provides convenient alternatives to the methods mentioned in tutorials. As soon as you have the basics down, get familiar with Inset, Knife and Dissolve to know when it might provide a shortcut compared to tutorial solutions.
And I highly recommend that you get familiar with the Looptools toolset, very well documented here:


I’m also a Max user and I’ve also started with Blender a few days ago. I think Blender is an awesome tool for modelling and I think the workflow in Blender could be a lot faster than the workflow in max. I love the hotkey focused workflow.
However I also think there is still some space for improvement. It is really easy to fuck up your mesh and create double edges or having 3 faces connected to 1 edge. Stuff like this is scaring of new people a lot.
Are the BMesh tools still in development and is somebody working on that stuff?
I would love to switch to Blender but there is a lot of stuff which is kinda annoying. :frowning:

If you wan’t to learn the modelling tools and some hotkeys I suggest to watch this video
The stuff is good too but, they are using mostly the sculpting tools :frowning:

[QUOTE]… 3D widget …
Ctrl+space? [/QUOTE]Ooops, of course i meant the 3D cursor here, not the 3D widgets :smiley:

Would be nice to have the hotkeys back to select the 3D widgets though. Those are still missing …

thanks for all the tips and suggestions. you guys are awesome.

i tell you, that’s one great thing about Blender, the amount of community support. you guys seriously rock.

i changed selecting to LMB and that alone has removed a huge chunk of my frustration. i think i’m actually beginning to enjoy modeling in Blender now.

and thanks encn for letting me know about LoopTools!