Started a new car

So far I have started on the front. Trying to get a color scheme down. I think I’m getting close on the colors, probably just tweak a bit.

I haven’t really modelled with subsurf. Why not start with a fat bodied car? It is not at all supposed to be accurate to any car in particular. It is based on a 41 Willy’s. I have only photographs at bad angles for modelling. I am doing a lot of “freehanding”.

Anyway, check it out. If there is anything really ugly, please point it out and I will try to fix it.

Thanks for looking.

Looks very nice. Can we have a wire on that?

I’m not sure of the best way to post a wire. Edit mode, object mode? They are pretty bad. The fender in particular, I didn’t take into account the hole for the headlight.

Check this out. That’s ugly and embarassing. I just deleted faces and edge loops. I reckon I need to clean it up. I knew someone would ask for a wire. Maybe embarassing myself will motivate me to not be so lazy.


Just a small update if anyone is the least bit interested.

Gotta love it! It´s really good.
Keep up the good work

Another small update with a bad composition. I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks for the comments so far.

I like thatcolor choice. But maybe the car is too dark for the background. Butt still a nice render!

I love the shape of the car. I’ve always wanted a car like that. The chrome wheels particularly make me like this car. I love chrome-plated things.

Tomi is right about the lighting though. It’s maybe a bit too harsh for the setting it’s in. It should be lit more evenly and have a soft shadow.

Awesome work though.

Thanks for the comments. I knew it was a bad composition. I recycled the scene I used for my Monte for my new render. I am glad at least someone likes the car and the colors. It wasn’t as easy as it would seem to two-tone the silver and blue. What about the pink and purple molding splitting the silver and blue? Anyone think it looks bad?. I kind of like it, but can’t decide. I also like how the flake in the blue came out, if anyone would like to comment on that in the new render.

I don’t know why the passenger side window doesn’t look tinted. I’m using 2.42 RC1 for renders. I kind of like the new rendering engine, but can’t help thinking there are still areas to complete.

Still working on it. Any further C&C more than welcome.