Started a Robot - New to blender

I’m going for a comical type character. Just for practice and learning. The texture is just slapped on. I think I want to remove it and do some in blender painting which will be new to me. Still not sure how to handle ngons. I know I have a few on there and will post the wire mesh. Thanks for any crits.


Some updates!

I worked on hands, feet and the pelvis area. I’m not sure if I understand how to use shadows. It seems you turn them on for ever material? Also I want to add creases and panels without altering the main shape but am wondering about the best way to go about these. I was considering applying the subsurface modifier and then splitting up the different bits but that seems like a bad idea at this stage. Any tips or crits would be awesome. Thanks for looking!


Your model reminds me of the characters from the animated film Robots. I’m not quite sure what you mean with your question on shadows - receiving shadows should be enabled by default on every material you make.

What exactly is the purpose of the circular thing on his chest? It looks like it might be some sort of ear?

Yeah I probably had that movie in mind to some extent. I really like the visuals and design of that movie. About my shadows comment. It looked like when I rendered the image, there was no shadows. I have zero experience working with anything in any kind of environment and there are tools related to shadows in the materials options. The thing on his chest is supposed to be the front of a turbine, or the intake where his engine draws in air. Here are some newer shots where I have revised it a bit. The main problem I’m not feeling the feet right now at all. I guess it doesn’t seem to match the rest. I probably need to make them more round and more green, to match the upper parts. what do you think?



the revised intake looks much better, I can totally see it now - whereas before the first thing that came to mind was a bathroom plunger haha!

Quick note - it looks like you forgot to hit “smooth” on the central cylinder connecting his torso and lower body. It definitely sticks out currently.

As far as the feet go, I would indeed suggest making it more rounded to match the rest of the style, perhaps even a subsurf would do it. The color looks good though.

Gave him a bit of a facelift! I have some lines I need to adjust on the jaw where the “teeth” meet.


Sweet. I am brand new to blender as well, so it is nice to see other WIP. I like the characterization of the robot. Keep it going!

Try adding an edge split modifier and then shading smooth, it should help with getting good edges and smooth surfaces. With subsurf, you can either add edge loops close to the edge you want to preserve, or you can also use ctrl-E and choose edge crease, pulling the mouse away to increase crease level.

I’ll try athat. At current the only effect way I deal with them is to add edge loops and then dissolve the verts I don’t need. Of course this leaves ngons which isn’t optimal.

Keeping to all quads is prime for organic mesh deformation, but with mechanical surfaces that are rigid, I don’t worry about them much, using triangles in spots.