Started a tutorial series on developing a video game.

Started a series of tutorials on developing a video game from begging to end. It is for beginners to moderate advance levels. Be sure to subscribe to follow because more are coming very soon.

Open Source Video Game Part 1 - Basics

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very nice, I really like how you took a sort of “educational” approach to it. If you ever need some intro music don’t hesitate in asking.

You have done a very nice job with this tutorial, perfect for easing people into blender game development. One thing I would do before publishing your next tutorial is to use a de-esser on the audio of your voice to remove sibilance (the harsh “s” and “c”). If you don’t have a de-esser, then put a thin EQ cut around 8kHz. But that’s nothing to do with your content, which is spot on. :slight_smile:

Plugged, will watch this as soon as possible !

oh man i love this video i was having flash backs to the videos the army showed us lmao only this is better it has something i want to learn about other than how not to hurt the feelings of the person you serve with lmao.