Started Programming

(Nimrad) #1

Hi guys

I recently started a course on programming that would hopefully allow me acces to a university in a years time. We are currently learning how to use Pascal and Visual Basic :o .

My problem is where can I get those programs on the net or retail store in the UK if possible cuz i live there you see.

And one last favour, can anyone tell me where i can find details/information of Linux and AutoCAD. Its for an assignment i an working on.

Any input you have on any of the aboves will be great.

My big thanks to you.


(Kid Tripod) #2

Regarding VB i think MS do a student deal for that (if your applicable), so check their website (UK section yada yada). As for Pascal haven’t got a clue what you’d be doing that in, possibly Delphi or Turbo Pascal. Turbo Pascal might be old enough that Borland offer it as a free download, but i don’t know for sure.

(valarking) #3

Get Delphi for Pascal. I have Delphi and it kicks ass.

(Nahtanoj) #4

you can find details on autocad from

(MadMark) #5


for all your programming needs.