Starting a 9 month school project on making a game. Should I use BGE or Unity?

Okay, so I had made a couple of Games using BGE and was not really satisfy due to the fact that I am still somewhat a noob. I have limited python knowledge and limited modeling skills. I find that texturing in BGE is a pain in the butt and the game always turn out buggy or glitchy. After that I want to spread my wings and learn other gaming programs and I met Unity. I don’t know much about Unity but I find that texturing is so much easier and it seem easier to learn than BGE.

SO…should I continue to improve myself to learn BGE or should I switch to Unity and start anew?:eyebrowlift2::rolleyes:

or should I just use both? need your opinions and expertise< hope i spell that right :wink:

Hi there!

I’m by no means a game making expert, but I have an ok knowledge of both programmes. I would say, if you are going to be doing a nine month project go for unity as your game engine. It is easy and it also provides a more powerfull platform. Of corse you’ll still need to use blender to create your 3D models but unity can handle pretty much everything else for you.

Hope this helps you make a decision. Good luck with your project! (^_^)/

I would also recommend Unity. Currently getting into it more myself.

Another plus it has is that the knowledge base appears to be quite fleshed out. As well as Unity publishing their own tutorials, resources, documentation, etc, sites like and other resources are quite handy.