starting a FPS, is it a good idea?

im staring a FPS and im wondering if if its best to use blender for such a game, the game i have in mind will be rather relistic, except ill be using toon shading instead of textures… other then that im oign to have the first person in the game so relistic that i would like to have the camera propped inside his head to give the idead that your seeing through his eyes and not through a perfectly square screen… id also like to add blinking so it gives the idead that you are him… is this possible with blender?

anything is possible…

Yes it is possible, but FPS will require you to know python or use someone elses script.I don’t have any experince with toon shading so your on your own with that :wink: .

Blinking? Yes I understand the need to make it realistic, even wanting the not perfect square screen, but blinking? Come on, you blink in real life so it will be like blinking twice %| and usually i don’t notice that I blink because I do it so fast, unless I pay close attention 8)

Toon shading can be faked in GameBlender but it isn’t natively supported. Bare that in mind.

Keith. 8)

you more feel the blinking than you see it so if you can do that it would be fun, further a fps can be done. drdoom2 is a fps search the internet if you wan’t to take a look at it.

good luck,


Well i played around with toon shading a bit and its relativly simple (wich is what im going for) and should save me lots of time making the game and the "blinking’ idea was just that a idea i might try it out see if its to annoying to add… now another question how am i going to make the camera move with the head but also the camera needs to look down when the head moves without looking thru the body never tryed to mess with it yet but any suggestions would be nice…