Starting a game project? Read this first!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

Hi everyone and thanks for the guidelines.

I can see, besides the ‘good’ skepticism, that there is some experience and common sense behind them.

Having said that, I have to admit that, I am afraid, I have joined for that precise reason.
Anyhow, I have enough years and experience to (at the least) present the project in a professional way, all the rest will be a blessing, as we say here.

Thanks for the fine forum and keep the good work.

Um, a technical question… What are plot concept and game script concept? As far as I understand, plot is a short summary of how the story develops, and script is a description of what actually happens on the stage (dialogues, actions, etc).
Does “concept” mean “an idea of something”? If so, what would be the difference between an idea of the game script and the actual plot? ^^""

The plot is the overall story, the script is how the story is being told. A script is a detailed description of the plot. By showing a concept of the plot or script you are showing a part of it, or an overall summary. Just to give us a basic idea what your game is about and how you decide to tell the plot.

Good luck with your game :slight_smile:

Thanks! That made it clear :slight_smile:

Yah, frankly I’m working on several games at the same time… But until I get more done on them I won’t bother you all about them :slight_smile:
And on top of that several short films… which aren’t getting anywhere in the next fifteen years unless I get WAY better at modeling. So I am working on settling on one game… :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

i’m planning to share the development process of my biggest Game-Project with the community.
But before it, i have a question to the following paragraph.

  1. Please use proper grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. There is nothing worse than presenting yourself by misspelling a word in every other sentence.
    I’m not from an English spoken country (Germany), so i’m worried about using proper grammar.
    Some friends say my English sounds like a one to one copy from the google translator. :smiley:

What do you think?
Is it useful for me to open a new project in this Forum or should I leave it?

Thank you for a straight answer,

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Hi, thanks for posting and stickying this. Grateful that I read this guide before posting my game. Yes, I am a BGE newbie for now :wink:

@iFlowProduction, I’d say don’t worry about it. Just mention that you don’t speak English natively (maybe in signature) so that people won’t bash you for it.

i knew it, sdgeoff simply copied him

yikes. probably should have read this first… aw well. i wasn’t recruiting just asking for feedback on what I have so far so I guess I wont get to much trouble for being unprofessional… i hope…

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It’s a good to know thing. I aspire to make a videogame myself one day and i first need to learn a lot of things before starting in it. Also it let’s people know where to start first

Sound very very intersting
and it sounds very new, where did you got your ideas from?

So I started a thread in the team projects forum but now I’m unsure at where to show my progress. I want to post screenshots and videos of how the game is coming along so people can see that I’m actually working on it.
So if anyone can let me know where I need to do something like that I would appreciate it.

keep posting in that thread. check out BluePrintRandom’s Wrectified thread, its over 180 pages of updates!

thx, just making sure that’s what im supposed to do cause I didn’t see much other projects in there that did that

Thanks for laughs guys… Y’all think a wide-eyed noob with dreams of one-man’ing GTA MV (1005) is going to follow or be swayed by this list. Truth is guiding and gearing them down is it’s self a rewarding experience that will add to your growth as well. Reality hits quick and those noobs find out all about scope of project after a few hard months of no’s, being ignored, read the doc, use the search and failing to get basic things accomplished. Anyway I’ll take this chance to limit my comments and move ahead.

I was a top poster in another engines forum for almost 2 decades (*Add only to say I’m not inexperienced).
The simple way to handle this noobs-vs-serious thing is to literally divide the Projects and WIPs into two separate threads. I.e. Pro Projects and WIPs / Hobby Projects and WIPs.

That way you use the gatekeeper method.

  • People wishing to enter into the Pro thread must submit to a gatekeeper for approval or have their thread “Elevated” out of the Hobby section by the gatekeeper. As well as maintain posting standards.
  • Hobbyist that show and grow have a path up.
  • Hobbyist that are wide-eyed noobs will often diminish and their thread fall into the forum tombs. Infrequency leads to locked. Long term leads to deletions.

This fixes the literal divide in the commenters above. I like to call it Nature/ Nurture divide. :joy: “Death to the noobs” … “No, teach the noobs.”

  • Members that only want to interact with and help/work for the Pro thread can choose to only read and comment there.
  • Members looking to guide, aid, teach, BUT NOT DO IT FOR noobs and hobbyist can choose to comment and read only in the hobby thread. (All forums have a 100% Don’t do it for them policy for good reason.)
  • Members of course are free to read and comment in both.

So divide it and appoint a gatekeeper. After all Pro here is only simi-pro, serious not professional. Professional teams aren’t posting WIP threads in engine forums. :rofl:" come read the Doom Eternal WIP thread - look at the Slayers bitmap for his boot we just finished."

Let me run and hide from rocks and pitchforks that might be flung my way😬. Sorry, but when I read this post I just thought and wanted to say - “taking ourselves a bit seriously aren’t we - Why so serious - Honestly, seriously, truly it’s a beginner friendly engines and that comes with nurturing noobs.”

14 year old thread, 2 years ago with it’s last reply and unpinned. Where did you find this lol.

Not needed 1 is more then enough can hold all the wip’s there are for pro’s/newbs, and you as a noob.

So what is a prof in your eyes? companies with billions to spend to wipe their ass with? Or who can buy every asset on the net to be used?

That’s not the case, a prof is anyone who have enough knowledge to start and release a good game. It doesn’t have to be an AAA game, a B game is more then enough.

i use guns, i’m sorry.

you mean newbs. yes go google it.

So after all it’s pointless to discourage people from chasing dreams. Let them, any engine got the same people, the good the bad and the newbs. And ofcourse there are noobs like you that think that they are everything, just leave the thinking to a horse.

Well, signed up two days ago. A few hours ago I opened the home page, scrolled to “game engines” and click the “works in progress…” at the bottom of the preview box. Guess what? This was pinned to the top of the thread. :joy: It was still pinned an hour or so ago. Now it’s magically unpinned. Hey you wouldn’t happen to have Mod powers would you, you could explain the magic unpinning and a new clone.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Did ya call me a noob​:rofl: Like to the forum? I was modding Duke Nukum 3D in the mid 90’s and coding in C before Blender was anything :joy::joy: Best reply every!

@Cotaks you’re so funny man. You remind me of the local teenagers. Okay thanks for the reply, now go play poke’whatever with the newbies😂

Judging by your reply here, I’d say indeed you are sorry. I’d also assume you say that a lot. Apologising for being sorry. It’s okay kiddo… No one is perfect. You’ll get it next time champ! :wink::v::joy:

Oh I need that Thanks.

No sorry i haven’t, i’m just a regular member

yes i did, feels good doesn’t it. That’s why i did it. just to let you feel what other people feel when reading your message.

modding…Modding? oh boy. well good for you.

i do? haha i feel so good now, young in spirit and mind.

Now your using it the right way.

No problem.

Okay Great funny… Now that’s done and out your system. Life can go on. :joy: Thanks truly.