Starting a game project? Read this!

Blender is a great application for all kinds of 3D artwork, be that stills, animations or even… games! Most of these projects are solo, but once in a while someone or a team of people decides/decide to recruit people to the development team or just want to let us know he/they is/are making a game.
If you are working on a game and would like to recruit or just show your project in development, please take the following into account:

  1. At BlenderArtists, we frequently get overly excited newbies who post about their project to create a MMORPG (or any other genre of game, really, but MMOGs are just very common). In 99% of the cases, the project never goes anywhere and the actual announcement itself would make any professional representative cringe. That’s the reason why we are quick to be skeptical about any posted project which does not follow the following guidelines.

  2. As mentioned before, make sure you represent yourself in a professional way. Provide us with details on you/your team/your company including current team members and their responsibilities, your website (if you have one; most games only have a website once their game is about to be published) and contact information.

  3. Present your game in a good way. That is to say, show us the game concept (including concept art, a plot concept and a game script concept) and the work in progress (models, screen shots, videos showing the game in action) which you already have. Even if you are recruiting, you must be able to prove that your game is not the dream of an overly-excited newbie, so show us more than a dream. Give us a plan.

  4. Give us a reason to be interested in your game and/or participating in the creation of it. Tell us what your game is about, and what it’s major features will be. Tell us who your audience is and what your plans are for when the game nears the end of it’s production. Using which medium will the game be transported to the client? Will the game be free to play or will you charge a single/monthly fee to play? Tell us about your goals in general. Make us anticipate the finished version of the game.

  5. If you are recruiting, tell us what’s in it for us. Many people ask for others to join their project, but why should we? We will not make your game, at least not for free.

  6. Please use proper grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. There is nothing worse than presenting yourself by misspelling a word in every other sentence.

I hope this post will avoid any future flames caused by an inexperienced person beginning a game project he can’t handle (yet) and will allow the professional game developers to gain acceptance and support.

Thanks go to lukus for pointing out several excessive demands on my part.

Yours truly,

Peter Charlesworth

Mods, please sticky this thread.

I completely agree with you on this one.
I agree, this should be stickied or placed in an obvious location.

I’m also for a sticky.

I agree, this should be stickyfied. :slight_smile:

i think it will be a sticky allright :smiley: -(insert vote here)-

Sticky. No question about it.

Sticky perhaps. But it should be in the GE forum, and we should delete at least one existing sticky first. There are too many already.

Thanks for your support, guys!
About your suggestion to move it to the GE forum, PlantPerson. It’s true that it belongs there, but many people post posts about their game project in the off-topic, so I thought it’d be better to post it here. At any rate, once the Super Wu-Man shop closes, that’s one sticky less :wink:

This would be good advice. People representing their games in a good way and something that’s not a MMORPG.

Believe me, in the forums for the site there are so many people saying they’ll make a MMORPG it’s not even funny. In fact many games there are represented poorly even though a lot of them presented that way are quite shoddy in design.

I don’t agree with people needing screenshots. You don’t necessarily need a project that is already half produced and common logic says that most people “recruiting” would be looking to start a project from scratch with other people that share a same interest, not find new recuits half way through which is a sign of being unsucessful.

Since we could say those posting to recruit are somewhat the directors /leaders, we could also assume they already have a game concept in mind, In which case we can only expect them to detail the concepts of the game. Not in the finest of details, but enough to show thought and time has been put in.

If they have concept designs, screenshot and so on produced, then I agree on the point that they should be posted. One of the false illustions this forums gives is the fact that “recruiters” must already have a half decent game with decent screenshots and everything else is “I want you to do all the work for me” This is not unprofessionalism, it’s ignorance the forum has rappidly addapted to accept,

“Hey, dude I got this great idea for a movie, wanna be a part of it”
“No. not untill you’ve already produced atleast an hour of the film, then we can talk”
“uuh…wtf? how can I do that when I want you to be the main actor”
“Oh, we shoot it all again, from the begining of course silly!”

Websites: there are plenty of professional game companies that do not have a website, and this applies to originally not currently. Most sites pop up whent he game is at the publishing stages, hence the website is part of the publishing stage. I’d say main;y amatures make websites for a game that isnt made, only to document it like a 3 year with a dairy. It give off such a professional aura…

You have good intentions, but I believe this “guideline” needs some editing to not be so single minded /biased simply towards the forums and a small group of people that dislike MMO sort of postings.

The true (and sad) fact is, people hardly read sticky and will still post as they always have.

There be a spam feature where if MMORPG is posted before the post is complete it will show them this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, no-one’s perfect :slight_smile:
It’s true that it’s difficult to determine who is serious about his/her project and who isn’t. BUT the majority of the people tying to recruit others simply lack persistence, skill and a plan.
Maybe the website isn’t necessary, you’re right. I’ll edit that.
And to answer your implicit question, no I don’t dislike RPGs or MMO games, but I am tired of seeing people starting projects they don’t complete (even though I’m guilty of that myself).
So it is true most people don’t read stickies, but if this thread becomes a sticky people have NO excuses for not respecting our implicit rule of not posting silly game projects, since it will have become an explicit rule.

Thanks for correcting me! :smiley:

This is off-topic, but why do so many people want to make an MMORPG anyway? The only way that kind of game can be a success is if you have vast legions of people lining up to play it. What exactly do these people expect? That just because they made it they’ll have thousands of people playing it? Do they know they’ll need mega-servers to keep up with it?

Honestly, even if they did make it, the only people in it would be a couple of their buddies, and even then only until their buddies get bored with it.

lol hopefully this will clear up any of those wished games by unexperienced artists

I blame World Of Warcraft. It has really given out the fales impression, that MMORPG’s are extremely popular among gamers, which they actually aren’t, with the expection of WOW. Sure, there are a lot of people, who play MMORPG’s, i’m not denying that, but very few of them are actually playing the same game.

It’s the same thing with movies actually. Everyone wants to do a sci-fi epic, because people dig sci-fi. But the harsh truth is, that only a couple of them actually gather the audience, because sci-fi actually isn’t the cash cow people think it is.

good thread, Peter (i’ll be calling you that for a year XD). The only issue is that the people who are unprofessional/newbies never take the time to read these threads. but still, this thread deserves a sticky.

Personally, I don’t think any of this stuff is necessary. All that is really needed is some common sense from the reader.

When someone claims to be making a new game, movie or whatever project and want you to work for him, while promising to pay you once the project starts making money, simply use your common sense.

I think it is important to keep the door open for those wanting to start something new. Too much red tape often prevents people from taking that first step. After all, this is a forum for creative people, don’t squash it. Sure 99% of people claiming to have some brilliant new idea for a mmorpg/movie, etc. usually don’t get anywhere, but usually they are quite harmless. Most success stories usually started with failure first.

My 2 cents.

WOW. You guys are harsh.

I’m a newbie and I have a post and the title is “Where do I start…”, for me personally all i would like is some help in the right direction, (links to forums, links to websites etc), I’m not asking for anyone to do it but for me but for some assistance in getting to my goal. You guys seem to know allot about this, are you to “good” to share your knowledge? I’m really thinking twice know before i ask another question.

I usually ignore those threads, thats the best way to kill them. Unless its so stupid I just HAVE to say something. I like posts like this one. Having written a few myself along the same lines I can say these posts usually go unnoticed by “n00b’s” since most of them are young and know everything anyway. Why should they take the advice of people who have been here and pretty much seen it all. The most common response is “Oh no my game project will be Different!” or sometimes they pre-warn us that they know its a dumb idea yet still post it anyway. I like when people try, but when they try at something that I know will teach them more than what they knew before they started. I have seen more and more people wanting to bark orders than take them. There is no Template for making a game with fellow blender users. However I think until we let people try and fail, then will we find some idea of how it should be done. Even then that may not work 100% for everyone. Its going to take people who have been here a while to help in this department. I think its our responsibility to the community to make sure new people are helped and not made to feel dumb. (unless of course they just ask for it by stealing models from the web calling it their own idea) I promise I will try to help where help is needed. If I see a project pop up I promise to give them constructive cirts and maybe put them on the right path. It will be up to them if they want to listen or not.

Good Suggestive Tips - I’m sure many will benefit from it.