Starting a mimic of Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy

I am starting to work on an old classic RPG game. Once I have all the movements, landscape, actions, etc in place, I’ll think about having a team to work on it. I feel blender is capable of handling this. What do you all think about it?

Below is a picture of the type of game I am going for. (Except better quality graphics)

Do you mean the BGE? Or modelling it in Blender? The BGE should be able to handle that fine. But you should familiarize yourself with Python if you haven’t already.

sounds fun ,though don’t be content with mimicking them. That’s what “FF4 :after years” tried to do and it failed because of that ,despite the “better graphics”

Tried doing grass and trees and blender lags too bad. So it won’t work, because it needs to load fast. Any idea what software would work with little programming experience needed?

Still not sure what you’re trying to get at - an actual game? If the BGE’s lagging just on grass and trees, I think there are things you could do to get it to run faster (i.e. it might lag in other engines as well if it’s lagging on just static objects). Try merging individual objects into a single object - the BGE draws a single high-poly object faster than many low-poly objects. In any case, there aren’t really that many great 3D game engines - far less 3D engines that don’t require you to code. Unity, UDK, and Crytek are all at least free to try. JME3 seems good, but it’s pretty much code-only. Same with Panda3D.

Yes an actual game. But to be burned onto a cd and played on any computer.

if you know how to code: Ogre3d if the game is 3d and SFML(really recommended) if your game is 2d
if you dont you are fked, but with UDK kismet and CE flowgraph you can do stuff
you will really have to learn to program if you want to make games, or get a programmer to help you

Is there an easy tutorial website for having how to program using one of these engines?

you can check their respective sites and or forums for the best information…maybe also youtubing them with the term “tutorial” appended.

I decided on RPG Maker VX-ACE

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@LoomiLoomi - You mean the menu system of an RPG? Yes, Blender can display such a menu, and you can use Python to script, so yes, you can make such a game in the BGE.