Starting a New Game Project!! Team Needed


  Me and my bro are making a 3rd person game and we need ideas ,scripts ,models   and helpers anyone who would like to help would get rights and credit for helping:D 


We need more informtion. What genre is it, have you done anything on it yet?

Sounds like a typical nub-gamedesigner.
Learn to make a game first before you and your brother start a gameproject. If you not singlehanded can make a simple game, u could never ever run a successful gameproject-team. Also… we gamedesigner would probably never waste our times to make parts of your “game”.
Start of by urself (and ur brother), then when u showed us the progress… we would maybe help you out…

I agree, heres a great way to learn how to make games: make a game and learn by experience + practice. Oh wait… sarcasm

Don’t worry much about the above post which offers the latter part of ‘constructive criticism’ but not the former (which seems fairly common these days). Even if this project fails you will walk away with valuable skills, also, remember your mistakes and learn from them. Like the old saying goes (something like) “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on myself”.

That said, you need to work on the way you present yourself. Read this:

im working on it now

how do you put files to download on this page though. cause i wanted to put the test level on this page for yall to download

upload there and post the link here.

+1 on the presentation comment… You really gotta work on that…

I prefer this one more than uploader.

Here it is…its just a test level but the genre is puzzle co op

screenshot please .


Its not worth a screen 3DGURU, just ignore this thread for a couple of years.

Maybe by then he will have something decent to show that didnt take 30 mins to set up.

OMG…at least i have a girlfriend being 18

What does that have to do with anything you little noob! hahahah

Also, it’s not even worth the 1.7 or 8 mb download!!!

This is just a prime example of another noob using this forum to show off his fantasies!

Wow man, that wasn’t nice! When you just started out I’m sure you didn’t like people discouraging you. :no::no:

That’s actually pretty neat. Hard to see though, lotta green lettering and stuff. You might need to pack some textures :wink:

Good start. My first game was a horrible

Thats really great, but uhm, where is the part that is entertaining? You know, that thing known as a character or textures.

Not to mention that your attempt at posting about your being 18 and having a girlfriend is not only irrelevant, but also proves that you are not 18 because your attempt at retaliating to general criticism caused by your beginning post honestly sounded like a child, Please for the love of all that is holy in blender, know a little bit before you start a topic about your making a game.

Thank you.

– Blender-G

…general criticism…

And you actually think those posts are criticism??? Geeze man, maybe you haven’t actually read this thread.

wow, how I have girlfriend have to do with anything? Anyways, you need to have an idea before you start a game! A 2 introduction is not enough! You can’t just say, I need a team, but have basicly no work.

@TheMonkeyCreator: We are all noobs depending on what you want to do. That was a bit harsh… :no:

Also there is no fantasy because he hasn’t posted any ideas! Not to mention that the link is broken, but that’s not his fault…

Why are we getting so much of these useless threads on the forum lately? ugh, sorry for sounding a bit harsh, but seriously… We are getting way to much of these theads, do people read the stickys!!! It’s ok to make a thread and fail on the game trying your hardest, but if you wip something up in 30min and stick in here, ugh, please try to make us satisfy with some actual work. You know why the stickys are in the front page all the time… BECAUSE THEY ARE MEET TO READ TO NEW COMERS WHO JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THE BLENDER GAME ENGINE!

You know what I think the mods should do? Right before you enter the ‘Work in Progress/Finished Project’ for the first time, the user should get a page pop-up for about 1 hour before they can enter the forum, just so they think twice before posting something… (I know it’s annoying for the people who already know… but it’s the only way)

Oh yea, and don’t quote me on this, I know it’s a useless idea, but what else can we do??

You know… I’m going to remember this thread for a long time.

(Talking about the creator of this topic)
Actually I have, however I am able to take a verbal punch or two. Some of it is over the top, I suppose, but if he were “18” as he stated, or at least thats what it seemed like, he should be able to handle said posts with no issues at all unless he has the maturity level of a twelve year-old. Which I am sure he does not, but having chosen to post the way he did he made it appear as if he did.

Actually Linkxgl the link did work, I downloaded it and it was a brown little rock that fell to the ground on another rock inside of a sphere with a tunnel.

Lol, I turned 13 like 5 months ago…

Oh, well that sounds pretty decent, but not enough to post it on a forum. He should make actualy gameplay or have an idea written out on the thread… I mean Kernal_Script came with only an idea, and a small test level… His thread is rated 5 Star… That’s the power of having an actual idea : )