Starting a New Game Project!! Team Needed

That is correct, much like how I won’t post anything of my current game on here simply because I feel that it is not enough to post until I get the first level done with basic track to/collision bots to kill the player.

Dear Blender artists(sarcasts)…(my) not me my “brother” made that game hes only 13 and i wanted to make him feel happy , and how am i to know how the game is, and the thing is i rarely use blender, only when he wants me to make a script for him.

yours, The Loser

PS: i´m actually making an animation called "Project Num Zero(i do manga art and sketch so i plan a layout of everything i make, and im half japanese so i dont write so good) and my brother wanted to make a game out of it, thats why :smiley:

Pn: my brother and has diabetes thanks for the comments that i had to show him

For some reason, I strongly doubt your story is true. Even if it is, you didnt have to show your brother these comments.

Its pretty obvious you’re an attention whore.

I feel no pity for you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry but this is making me laugh…

k first off just cuz your brother’s 13 (not saying I believe all that stuff you said) doesn’t mean any thing

and second what does your brother having diabetes have to do with anything? now maybe if he had cancer or something but not that…

:)i forgive yall seriusly

can yall forgive me? can i still get help from yall?

You want to do a game in Blender, which is great, but it appears as if you’re putting the cart before the horse.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little youthful exuberance and wide-eyed optimism but, eventually, you’re going to hit your first significant roadblock and not know how to get around it. Sadly, if you’re like 99% of the people I know, that first roadblock is also the last - they end up “postponing” their project…which means they give up.

Why not take the time to give yourself the tools you need to complete this project? Designing a game is every bit as involved as building a house and it seems to me you’re concentrating on which color drapes you want to put up when you should be focusing on building a strong foundation for your house.

With Blender, you build a strong foundation step-by-step through learning the interface, the tools, and capabilities. Then, using what you learned, you progress through projects of increasing involvement. Start off with building a few static sets that you’d like in your game. Move on to some character designs, rigs, and then work on animating them.

Then work on character animations where they interact within the sets and then progress to simulating the physical forces required for your game - including learning how to manipulate the particle physics capabilities of Blender.

There’s an old analogy - How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one piece at a time. You’re trying to eat an elephant whole. Don’t. You’ll never come close to your goal. You’ll get frustrated - and quickly, too. Be patient but be diligent. What you want to do requires alot of work but also offers a lot of reward.

If you’re realistic you and your brother can make this happen.

Here are some books that will help significantly with attaining your goal. If you haven’t worked through them, I highly recommend you do so:

The Essential Blender
Introducing Character Animation with Blender
Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D
The Blender GameKit

Best of luck!

(For the record, I’ve only posted the Amazon links because it allows the user to peruse through some of the books online and read the reviews of other readers.)

First off: Love your avatar.

Second: I didn’t download your file because, well, I’m kinda sleepy at the moment…

Third, I don’t have reason to believe your story is true.
Lots of people have diabetes. It runs in my family. My grandma has it, my uncle has it, and my sister will get it if she doesn’t shape up.

Fourth: You or your brother, whichever, need to develop quite a bit more to have it count as a demo that will entice people to join.

Fifth: Saying you are 18 and have a girlfriend is the way a 10-12 year old would react to negative criticism. Although TheMonkeyCreator was way too harsh.

this is sad. this whole thread. if i were you, doopop, i would keep working, and let this thread die, then, in about two months, start a new thread with some screenshots.

Again goes venom with the stupid comments. Ignore this thread for a few years? You have got to be kidding me. I would rather work with someone who is nice and willing to learn than someone like you who has experience but is a total jerk off (to venomseven)

doombop, I couldn’t download the file. Try uploading it to savefile. I also understand that you were angry about venomseven’s lame comment, but bragging on that you have a girlfriend isn’t exactely the coolest thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it when you get mad.

Oh noes! Here goes venom and his brutally honest opinions. Let me go bitch at him and call him names so he wont do that again. That’ll stop him from posting his thoughts. Crazy bastard. Venom just dosent know when to shut up. I think only positive opinions should be expressed…

Oh by the way, its lame for you to brag about your girlfriend online. You’re not exactly the coolest thing.

Oh wait did i just contradict myself AGAIN? Oh darn. Well i’ll just go call venom more names, that’ll make me feel better…

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Uhh well its true man. You are a huge jack ass. Some people just are.


Do you feel better now?

Have another go. Maybe that’ll make you feel more like a hero. I’m sorry you constantly contradict yourself, I’m sure that’s a big pain to your ego.

You dont realize that you make yourself look like an ass by calling me names. You’re not going to stop me from expressing my thoughts by doing this, so its a big waste of your time.

It’s just a big laugh for me because honestly, I dont care what you or anyone else here thinks.

I really do hope you have a nice day Zootanore. Maybe a cake will help soothe your ego?

mmmm chocolate…

Wow get this thread ON TOPIC please guys. No need to turn this into a flaming thread is there?

the hell is wrong with you.

oookk… if your brother did have diabetes (i actually doubt it though, generally your comments arent really making us believ you, with you having such a tempormental…GAHH!) then i feel sorry for him… but ONCE AGAIN!


sorry, but just because of his condition you expect us to make apologies, turn round and worship you as some sort of game god?

basically, the people on this forum have experience, they know what they are on about, i would listen to them rather than trying to annoy us by coming here and just, without an idea asking people to give up their free time to help you…

sorry mate, isn’t going to happen

posting in NO U thread

K I’ll stop. One thread is already dead. No need to keep killing this one.


You’re so funny zootanore. I didnt know you liked things in your butt.

I know a little dog who would love to do naughty things to you.

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