Starting a New Game Project!! Team Needed

That’s cool I have pictures of cars and people on my computer not dog rape.

EDIT: Well at least I quoted you before you deleted it.

Zoonatore, you can continue with your homosexual fantasies and pwning yourself with your own contradictions. I’m going to call it a day.

Say whatever you want, I really dont care…

I’ve had enough fun for today. Enjoy your life = )

Fair enough. I’m done.

You both are way too funny to even consider closing this thread ! Keep it up ! It’s way better than watching daily lolcatz pics to get hyped for the whole day!

lolled at?

cats are not to be lolled at!


dudes dudes dudes, you going to make have bad dreams :frowning: not cool, I’m making my dog sleep somewhere else other then my bed now…

Edit: I’m joking for the people who take these things serusly…

Is there even a moderator to this forum? It seems like there is almost no moderation at all besides moving threads!

If you exist, moderator, please reveal yourself!


This is kinda pointless… why did this have to turn into a bashfest? I believe the whole point of this forum was to help people to learn blender yes? Thats why I joined

So do me a favor… YA’LL BITCHES JUST COOL IT!!! :smiley: (hints ate Zootanore and Venom)

lol, didn’t you just read what they said? They said they’ll stop now…

Venom: I’ve had enough fun for today. Enjoy your life = )
Zootanore: Fair enough. I’m done. (even though he was talkign about his mom)

Screw off you live in lowa where the hell is that

Can a mod delete all these random posts so we can get back on topic?

Idk why I just got dragged into it… I was just playing Zootanore :.(
hurt my feelings…

Link: Yeah I guess Im a little late… damn haha!

Btw Doompop, Im a noob too. Just keep on learning and ignore the testosterone filled headbutt-ers here on the forums. dont let em discourage you :wink:

Hey I was the one trying to defend him. But whatever now I hope we didn’t scare him off

actually Zoot I know you were defending him. i was referring more towards venom and everyone else that insulted him because of this. but the name calling was kinda pointless.

Doom you just gotta realize that everyone on the BGE section of the forum is a little on edge because of all the noobs that try to make games and end up failing…

Btw Zootanore: Iowa is in the middle of the USA. just fyi

People gotta start somewhere. I’ve had TONS of game projects that went down the drain, but I learned something each time from each of them.

thanks. i rarely look at this part of the forum. mostly when something gets reported.
aaand, took some time for me again to realise it actually is not offtopic section.

you guys just have way too much time on your hands.