Starting a short animation series/Need Models

Well me and my friend max are working on a short animation series that will involve two guys basically getting into some crazy situations. My friend max will be creating the Story line and as of now he is drawing two characters for the show, One of them will look like me which is the link below (3 pictures of me for a reference)

So what i am asking is some help cause we need models, Max is a 2D artist so he said he will be more then glad to giving you the 2D reference’s, And for me i do the animation, voice overs, sound effects and character rigging.

So what would be awesome is to have the whole community in on helping creating this short series and we will be more then glad to keep you all up to date! :smiley:

Please and thank you! All that is needed is my character modeled, And maybe some chairs and or beds for the first cut.

are these up to what your looking for? :slight_smile: