Starting a website

I’m sure there must be some members who have their own website/blog? I’m wanting to start one to keep track of my work and I was wondering which host site people use? A friend suggested using but I was wondering if anyone has used them? Or has other suggestions?

I have set up a number of websites and blogs over the years. It all really depends how complex you want to get and what facilties you want your website to have.
Most recently I set up ( and run ) a website / blog for an angling association. We needed some space for gallery pictures, a blog format so that it could be updated in date order and space for a more traditional page format for entries like club rules, information about our waters etc.

I had used other hosting packages in teh past but this time I used “BLOGGER” the google blog service and bought a webname through them. Its actually very flexible and easy to use and very cheap compared to some hosting that you will come across. You do it in conjunction with a google account and I also use the google drivce to provide extra storage. Im not sure if thats a solution for you - as I say it depends what your looking to do with your site / blog. Ive also used Hostmonster, heart internet and GoDaddy.

I’ve had a site on Hostgator for years and haven’t had any problems.

Whatever provider you choose, one thing I’d recommend is using Wordpress as an interface for your site. Especially now that you can easily create galleries. Once you have the design of the site in place, you can concentrate on the content.

One other thing, too, is I’d recommend having a “paid” hosting. There are a number of “free” hosting sites out there, but you’ll have to follow their rules. Which is fine – unless you start wanting to try to earn money. Then you might find yourself at odds with their terms of service. With paid hosting, you have much more freedom and flexibility. (There are still some things to be aware of, but the restrictions are far fewer and even those can be worked around, in some cases.)

Check out You can set up a very nice website, which is not just a CMS, literally for free.

And you can, among other things, “back up” the website and … “here are the files, such that you can take them and do with them where and as you please.”