Starting an Apple Xgrid cluster for Blender.

Well, I got my bonus from work last year and ordered OS 10.4 server for my older G4 Powermac and going to set up an Open Xgrid controller for distributing rendering.

I use Xgrid now with my PowerMac, Mac Mini, and iBook (when attached to the network) with blender with decent results.

I’ve created over a hundred medium detailed (1600x800) texured planet maps that I will be selling for $30 thru (CD-Rom is on its way to California as we speak) as well as smaller texture packs of 10 - 20 textures with themes for $5 - $10 each for direct downloads. My hope is sell enough to pay for additional bandwidth. I am switching from DSL to a commerical Cable account (3MB/768 up).

I hope to use any additional funds to buy a couple AMD64 or Intel machines, install FreeBSD 6.0 and the Xgrid agent program from to add full time agents to the grid.

Anyone with a Macintosh with OS 10.3 or later can download the Xgrid Agent program from Apple. Those with OS 10.4 already have it intergated to their operating system.

Linux and FreeBSD users will be able to use the Xgrid thanks to XgridAgent:

Windows and all other no Unix users will be able to connect via the Java Xgrid Agent:

If you want a private “grid” between you and friends for a project, I will be to set up a controller with password. I will ask for a $15 “donation” to do it. Also, I will use any extra proceeds to sponsor some “bounties” for maybe porting an Xgrid export script for Blender.

The website will be: (note nothing there yet

The Temporary home until I get Xoops up and fully configured is:

I would also like comments and suggestions from others to tweak my idea. It is a crazy idea, but it is my hobby. My goal isn’t to make it rich, just make enough to cover the added bandwidth expense. I hope to sell 500 Downloads this year using the extra money to buy full time agents so that there are always a couple machines rendering at all times.

I ordered OS 10.4 server today. It should be here sometime later this week. Cable people will be here the 18th or 19th so I hope to go live by the 1st of Feb. with the actual grid.

Again questions, comments, and crits welcome.

how did you get the xgrid to work ?? I tried and tried but no availl… Do you have any tips or did it just work for you ??

Xgrid by itself, Xgrid and blender, or A non MacOS system with Xgrid? Could you be a little more specific?

With Xgrid, I just downloaded the PDF’s from Apple’s ADC site. Blender and Xgrid, there was a tutorial I saw. All I have around are MacOS machines, so I haven’t tested Linux/*BSD or the JAVA client with Xgrid. After all, that is what BETA is for!