Starting and stopping along a curve


I can see there are 2 ways to animate an object along a curve (parenting and follow path constraint), and both result in the Evaluation time of the curve highlighting in green, which makes the object move in linear progression from one end of the curve to the other. But I want the object to move at differing speeds along the curve and also sometimes to stop for a few seconds at a particular point along the curve. But I cannot find a way to see the animation F-curve for the ‘Evaluation Time’, so how can I do this?

At first it would not let me set keyframes on the Evaluation Time of the curve, but I found my removing all keyframes first, I could then add my own. However, I cannot get the Evaluation Time keys I have added to appear in the Dope Sheet or Graph Editor - so I cannot edit the acceleration and deceleration!! How can I get evaluation time keys to appear in Graph Editor/Dope sheet please?

Just add a Follow Path contraint, select the curve, enable Follow Path’ and ‘Fixed position’ in the modifier and keyframe the Offset slider. You can adjust the settings in the graph editor

If you want to use the curve evaluation time instead, just don’t enable ‘Fixed Position’. Then select the curve and you’ll see its settings in the graph editor

Many thanks! Solved once again!!