Starting Blender


I am new here and to Blender. I am running Blender in Kubuntu 8.04. I am reading a Blender wiki that says I can start Blender in a terminal with: Blender -p 0 68 1255 956 to open a window and still have a browser in the corner so I can switch between browser and the blender window. I have tried this but it does not work.I get command not found. Could someone please help? :confused:

Thank You!

First of all, I think that the command line command for Blender is with a lower case b. Other than that, it is necessary in Unix to specify where your executable is. You can do this by cd’ing into the directory where your Blender executable is and using


Which means “find blender in the current directory”. Otherwise, you can give the entire path in the command line like


Finally, you can edit your PATH environment variable to include the directory that blender is in, and then you would be able to call the blender command without any extra path information.

If you installed Blender with apt, it should be in your path. Remember that Unix, is case-sensitive. Blender is called blender by default. The -p flag is correct though.

-b is to render in background, bugman_2000

Yeah, I didn’t mean -b, I meant lowercase “b” at the start of the word Blender.

Thanks guys! Yeah it was the “b” what a dumb *ss I b :smiley: