Starting Blues...

Hi, I have installed Blender-2.3 just a few days back and i am totally new to it. I am unable to “box select” in my Blender. Instead i have “Border select”. can anyone help me how to box select? Thanks.

Hi and welcome.

Actually they’re the same thing.
Are you doing a tutorial or something that calls it box select?

Hiya, and welcome to Blender!

As maktub444 says, Border select and Box select are the same thing. But if that doesn’t really answer your question, or you’d like pointing to some tutorials, this community is definitely the right place to be! I’ve found it really helpful.

They might move your post, though. News and chat is really for news and chat about Blender - Blender General is really the place to post questions like yours. There’s also a very useful search facility on the site so you can see what other people have asked on a similar topic.

Hope you stick with it and enjoy!

ctrl + LMB is useful, too.

Hi guys,

I am doing a tutorial where it says “box select” :- to select all the vertices hidden behind other vertices. But, i am able to select only the vertices i can see with the BKEY + LMB.
How can i select all the vertices?

Thanks and regards

You have to press the Z key so it be wire mode. I had problems with this when I started too. Why is this topic in News and chat and why do you call it starting blues

Thanks Robin,

I have to press the Z key so it be wire mode. Now i can select it as i wanted.

p.s: sorry to post it in news and chat. I bulbed!!

p.p.s: (why " starting blues" as subject?) :- I am new to both computers and blender. I have metallurgy background. I am learning blender for fun and computers always scared me…

For future reference, the reason you couldn’t select the verts on the back side of the model is because you had the ‘limit selection to visible’ option turned on.

Go back into editmode, hit Z to get solid mode back on, and you’ll notice that next to the Vert/Edge/Face select buttons there is a little cube shaped Icon. Turn that off and you can select all verts in solid mode as well as wireframe mode.

Basically, it’s there to make editing complex meshes a little easier.

these kinds of questions belongs to “Blender General”

hence moved…