starting from scratch

So my city got hit by a series of lightning bolts early summer. I was doing laundry in a nearby town when the power went out… for the entire town (tied grids). When i got back into my own town, my computer was fried toast. I ended up going to best buy and transferring my hard drive and reinstalling what I could, losing most of my programs. I now have a mouse compared with a touch pad before. Blender is now a 2.7 version instead of whatever 2.6 version I was using.

I have a notebook of instructions I wrote as I was learning blender on my now dead laptop, but whether its the update or the mouse, I can’t tell, but some instructions just don’t work anymore. :eek:

I have a hard time explaining how frustrating this is, but I guess its something like the programming equivalent of being hit by a truck and waking up in the rehab section of a hospital. My current dilemma is horrifying. How horrifying? When I last used blender I was learning to use particle systems for hair and rigging for animation… and now?

I don’t know how to select more than 1 edge/vertex/face in edit mode. My notes say “shift + right click” but that’s totally not working T_T


I lived in a small town for about five years and learned very quickly the value of an uninterruptible power supply. Don’t bother with serge protectors. With what hit you, it wouldn’t have helped. They don’t react quickly enough.

You might consider getting one now before it happens again. Again, that’s: UPS

upon further investigation i noticed i was able to use shift + mouse to select multiple faces, and multiple vertices but I am still unable to select more than one edge. When I attempt to select a second edge, the first edge automatically becomes unselected and the new edge highlights.

This makes it quite impossible for me to use a fill effect of any sort such as bridging edge loops. I also noticed I was not able to subdivide surfaces. My attempt always resulted in the edges of the selected polygon to subdivide rather than the polygon/face itself subdividing.

I haven’t used this program in a while, but it seems very different from what I remember.

I have changed my settings and found for whatever reason I experienced problems is now overcome :slight_smile:

consider the issues resolved