Starting Game Dev team - Tired of Games Dev teams falling apart!

Today whilst talking on Skype with a friend today, we got talking about all the game dev teams we have worked on in the past. How they all start of with these big ideas to make and sell games, and then within 3 months fall apart and waste everyone’s time.

It was about this time I noticed in my inbox an email from 3D buzz advertising a bunch of new Free tutorials on Blender (with the new Interface) and Unity.

After around 10 minutes of chating we thought, why don’t we start our own team, not a team based around making a bunch of money or trying to released the next big Gears or Halo title. But a team based on having fun, and thats what this post is about.

We are looking for a bunch of people who are willing to regularly come online and hang out on Skype or Teamspeak and create and play games together. There is no reason why cant have team meetings whilst playing Count Strike or League of Legends Haha :-D.

The starting point is to follow the Unity and Blender tutorials online as there released in blocks. But the real end goal here is to get a bunch of people together so we can bounce ideas of each other, learn from each other and see where to take this next, maybe even away from Unity (personally I have worked with UDK in the past).

Me and my friend are both Coders, and I personally have been a professional coder for many years, but not in the games dev field.

So if you serious about getting on board with a project and willing to spends a few hours a day, at lest a couple of times a week get in touch. We are going to need people in the following areas:

Coding (AI, Path finding, Rendering, Networking)
Sounds Effects / Music

But if you are serious and having some ideas in a field we have not thought of, please get in touch we are here to learn just as much as to create.

Its about the journey, not the destination.

You can get in touch through a private message on this forum, or contact Bryan directly on Skype “Rockinoutt93”

Still Recruiting!

Nice idea, brainstorming while playing games. Should be very productive. The big problem is that here on the forum, every Thread is someone recruiting a team, and there is not that many capable people. I will give you just a suggestion:

  • when you guys get some ideas that you think is awesome, make a simple gameplay prototype (2 hours of work max)
  • post that work on some blog, together with all other ideas you did not have time to make
  • after some time, go back to that blog, take the ideas you like the most and improve them
  • sooner or later, something great must come out of it, and that will inspire other people to help you make that simple prototype into a game.


i love to help out. do u get on Skype ever day?

yep we are all pretty much on skype every day, we have two modelers including myself, and about 5-6 other people.

and we are currently in the content creation stage, though we are focusing more energy into the Game Design Document

Add on skype Rockinoutt93

Sounds nice but i dont think i wont be able to join due to school
But i really loved the idea about the

“Its about the journey, not the destination.”

HOpe you get people soon maybe later i could join

I wouldnt mind joining in. i just added you too my skype. i have an idea I am working on atm that would be great for a team. go to i have a forum and such setup for it. i havent updated the site in a couple of weeks so i might be doing that tonight.

Still Seeking more members, exspecially texture artists, aswell as modelers and concept artists!

post pics of your work as soon as you either get some stuff done or when you take screenies and upload them!

Uhhhh…okay. Just PM or skype (name in profile) me when you want music and sounds:

defiantly will keep you guys updated when we plan to release a package of stuff :slight_smile:

still searching for more content creators! add me on skype Rockinoutt93

HAy i sent you a Skype request - jovan

I would like to join your team, I worked with blender and unity for half a year. I’m still learning I’m also an artist, I’ll be great for a concept artist.