Starting game LOOKING for help

i need people to make some stuff for my game if you make even a rock your name will be mentioned in the credits.
i will need the following for the beggining test:,
Ground and tex
and starter logic blox

can we get a description of the game?
maybe i could make some buildings :smiley:
is a desk

hahaha why not help out the Mystic Team - ha ha we are recruiting :slight_smile: MMORPG

ok if u can teach me how to do stuff i will like make a guy move with animation lolz i cant seem to get it to work for me its soo frustrateing…
what ya need me to do?

are you new to blender? because this is not a good place to start :no:
i have done this many times! started a project that never got finished:(
i think you should start with something simpler, google is your friend and
there are a lot of great tutorials out there:yes:

theres is nothing on how to make a simple rigged charictor move and i have never found one yet its soo annoying can u plzz just help with this one thing?

Think simpler. Perhaps start with trying to make a simple shape move like this then consider adding animation to a more complex shape once you’ve gotten that working.

i agree, try battery’s link before you start this