Starting Image for a game.

Hey! long time no post here, a lot of new people around, and a lot of “my first work” threads. Nice :slight_smile:

This is a simple work i made in like 3 days, it’s not a big thing, just for a simple free online game :slight_smile: .

The game’s name is Argentum Online, and this will be the image where you start to play. Buttons are “Connect”, “Create Character”, “Options” and “Quit”, there are in spanish since the game is argentinian.
I guess i wont change the image, i still have to make another one.

I hope you like it, thanks for viewing!

PS: I made a composition based in this image with one of my characters, link here:


Er, great! Love the texturing especially.

Sorry, but this goes in spanish.
Che te quedo bueno! Lo unico que las banderas… bueno, conoces lo que es en video “interpolacion”? Parece que tubieran eso, es como si se vieran de a franjas horizontales, espero haberme explicado bien.

OK, now the english version.
Hey, that’s good stuff! The only thing I have comments about are the flags… well, you know about video “interpolation”? Those look like that, is like they had horizontal lines across them, I hope I explained it well enough.

i LOVE it. The lighting and texture makes it look so cool. I disagree about the lines, that compliments the flags! it looks so bright…like…like gold :smiley:

Omg! I might play that game just to see that intro screen!!! Great texturing, lighting and modeling!

:wink: I’ve been watching this one in your wip folder! Can’t wait!

Huge fan! :stuck_out_tongue:

So we’ll be talking about this huh? lol

Daniel :wink:

Fantastic! It really has a fantasy feel about it.

Another great piece from venomgfx! I especially like the flags and the stones on the path… did you model the folds in the cloth by hand, or use a simulation?

Thanks for all the feedback! :smiley:

Duke Forever: Gracias che!, y si… lo veo, me zarpé con una textura xD tenia 1 sola en realidad, despues la mandé la otra cambiando las coordenadas pero le puse demasiado nor, capaz lo arregle, gracias igual, un abrazo.

stafanhartman: thanks!! i’ll check the lines for the final image :slight_smile: .

ClumsyBoy: thank you! i don’t think you like the game if you don’t know spanish, because you have to talk and fight in it heheh, anyway, the game’s web is .

Prince: hey! someone who checks Wips! Folder :slight_smile: thanks Daniel :wink:

fireside: wow, fantasy feel? you got me :slight_smile: , thanks, i really appreciate it!

PlantPerson: Thanks PlantPerson!, all in this image was modeled, included the flags, i took a photo of a towel hanging of a door here at home :smiley: , and then used it as a reference. The stones are modeled as well, here is a screenshot:

Thanks to all again, i hope to show something more later

Oh my… I’m making somewhat of an RPG myself, and I could only dream of such artwork. Fantastic. :slight_smile:

That sky is very nice… give me the pic now!!!

Sorry, but that sky is a texture from the 3D Total CD Textures # 15 (toon), you can buy it or make an image and get into the 3D Total gallery, then they will send you an email asking you for a “Making Of” in change for one or two free CDs.

Personally, i don’t like to use textures non self-made, but well… i can’t use so much time in this project as i have anothers waiting.


It’s beautiful, great work, definitely gonna check the game out. :smiley:

Beautiful ! It is DIZZY game ? :slight_smile:

I tought that you’re in quite another place. Avesome work. Crystal Space should kick such scene. I took MS Direct X SDK devkit. I’m shocked that it’s so easy to implement geometry operands with their libraries. Take a look at it. Blizzard Competition 'll be real bloody CG War :slight_smile: i feel. Can you show TOP VIEW of the scene?

B.T.W. as i see it’s close to World Of Warcraft, so i suppose that you want also take part in mentioned event. Did you see their new stone generator with boleans? Something like that would be just perfect, but i doubt if it’s possible to do for Blender.

sorry doubled post

Can you transl;ate it on english? Bueno puertos molestado minos muertos mattanda gueros? I don’t know if i wrote it propertly [it’s from Bruiera;].

roughly u just wrote “good things bother young dead people” or something like that (i do GCSE spanish)