Starting my Halloween Decorating early!

I had decided to start early and model up some new Halloween decorations for my site at, so I whipped up a quick pumpkin. I had planned to use the Boolean function to carve it, but Blender didn’t really care for that too much. Anyways, here’s the render and a screenshot as well.

I had already applied the subsurf to try to help out the Boolean feature and didn’t undo it, but it was modeled using a UV sphere as a base, I’m sure everyone can see how, as it is a fairly simple shape.

And here is the screenshot-

It’s a good looking model. I don’t think you need so many polygons though. Also it would be cool to have one of those little curly vines coming off it.

Yeah, the excessive polygons are because I applied the Subsurf modifier to try to get the Boolean function to work (I was trying to use a text object to “carve” the pumpkin). I modeled it by hand from a low-res UV sphere.

I found an earlier save file-

I did a carved pumpkin once. It was difficult. Since then though, we have the retopo tool, which makes such things much easier, so long as you have a form to start out with. You could use what you already have as a base to construct the carved regions. It’s kind of tricky to learn for some, but a very useful tool.

I had planned to use the Boolean function to carve it, but Blender didn’t really care for that too much.

Funniest thing I’ve ever read at this forum.

download 3D-Coat trial… this looks like a job for voxels. :wink:
or sculptris or MeshMixer would work as well, though the latter seem to be unavailable at the moment.

you could also delete the faces where you want the eyes, nose and mouth to be, and add a solidify modifier.

It’s never a day for voxels.

Even cooler than doing the standard holes cut in a pumpkin, why don’t you try what the really cool pumpkin carvers are doing?

made this really fast with MeshMixer…, textured with Blender and render with Lux :wink:

I’ll have to look into the retopo tool. I’m still learning my way around Blender, but but even I knew the Boolean function was probably a fools errand. But what the hell, I rolled the dice and they came up snake eyes, lol.

I thought of deleting the faces, shifting a few vertexes around, and extruding a plane on its side to make the interior portion of the carving, but as it was really only going to be a small static decoration for my blog, I just did it all in post.

Very cool hokyenigma.

And Luftmensch, I like where your heads at! I may do another couple of pumpkins for the site, and I think I may go with that idea for one with more detail. I could even get really lazy and normal/displacement map it, haha.