Starting My Second Movie Project. . .

(The Produce) #1

Last year I created a 55min Cartoon/3D Animated VideoCD using a freeware training program called DoGA-Lesson 1. The problem with L1 is that it didn’t allow textures, surfaces, allowed only 1 light, and had only 5 colors to choose from. But, they have Lesson 3, which has capabilities slightly equal to Blender.

Blender, on the other hand, allows custom modelling, and i’ve been practicing modelling in GMAX (The DoGA Lesson series did NOT allow modeling, you used pre-modeled parts to create starships, planes, etc.).
According to the awesome pictures i’ve witnessed in the galleries, Blender is fully capable of producing pretty convincing images/animations. . . and it’s free!

Then, I saw Cinema4D. After reading it’s features, I instantly fell in love with it (Cel-Shading, and sound processing for output to Dolby Digital, DTS OR SDDS :o :o !! I’m a BIG surround sound fanatic!!). But, it costs $600 bucks.

So here’s the dilemma. I’m working on a fully 3D sequel to the movie I already made (If you want to see screenshots of the movie, you’ll see that the characters were 2D images), and that requires that I make 3D models of the 2D clip art images I used a characters, buildings, weapons, planes, etc. I could ealier stick with the DoGA series and use L3 ($50),
train myself (and maybe a team) to use Blender ($000–but time consuming), or buy Cimena4D and BodyPaint3D (in all +$1000). Keep in mind, I’ll have to spend at least $500 in royalty free music, $500 for Dolby Digital licences and encoding software, and little under $50 for DVD creation (I’m already VERY knowledgable in media creation). Which software should I use?

DoGA Lesson 3: :-? Don’t really want to . . .

Blender: :slight_smile: I would like to, as a project a big as this would bring LOTS of attention to the program, but it’s learning curve might take up needed time. . .

Cinema4D: :frowning: Too expensive. . . but I really like it’s features. . .

(I want to have a good part of this movie done in time for my 12th grade senior project next year. . . yes i’m in 11th grade :o. It doesn’t sound like it, does it?)

Maybe some of you out there could give me some advice.

The Producer

(Ecks) #2

sry I didn’t have time to read all your post but I understand that you want to make a movie with 4000$…is it that?

Well…alot of movie are being made with blender, Journey to the center of the eart, The Exodus (my movie :slight_smile: ), The last outpost, and maybe others that I can’t remind…

well you said the learning curve of blender was a bit long, but I just show my friend blender cause I told him about my movie project. 4 day ago he wasn’t able to add an object to the scene…and now he is able to put texture, to make some cool looking ship…

The trick is to make the more tutorial you can…my friend learn A LOT this way…but welll with 4000$ you can do alot of thing…

Good luck!

(Xampersand) #3

You said you made a 55min cartoon last year. Have you found a way to recoup your expenditures? If this is something you think you can sell, you should think in terms of the best way to produce the project with relation to your ability to make a profit, or at least break even.

Also, how about a link so we can see some of the screen shots?

(CubeFan973) #4

Basically, if you ask someone in the community for help, they could probably write a series of tutorials for you to follow. If not, just use tutorials all the way.

I’ve only used Blender. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve also used Wings, but it’s HARD. Besides, Blender is way better…

And it’s free, leaving more to your budget!

(The Produce) #5

you make a good pont, but, the music wasn’t mine (came from a video game I had), so, it can’t be sold.

In this next project, i’m planning on making it sellable.
(I can get funds, up to $4000)

The Producer

(Xampersand) #6

You said music and encoding are going to run you $1000.

I’d say use blender and hold the other 3K for any ancillary expenses. There’s plenty of tutorial help out there to get you over any speed bumps you may run into.

If you don’t have a major deadline, you can take your time to learn blender. If you see that the production is suffering because you haven’t built up enough “Blender Kung Fu” then you can cash in the three grand and buy the programs you’re more comfortable with.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do!