Starting of 'New Blender' Project

(DanSellers2) #1

Alright Im going to go ahead and appoint myself the leader of this project. I can’t wait to get started. So here goes!

We need applications for:

Secondary Project Coordinator
Lead Programmer
Supporting Programmers
Webmaster(host and designer)
Content Developer
Community Director and Coordinator
Technical/Tutorial/Documentary Writers
Voting Commitee

These are the begining operational jobs, more will open up as we begin to put this together. All applications will be read and should include the following:

Quick description of what you think the job should entail
What qualifications you have for the job
Your thoughts on working in a group project
What you envision for this new software

Applications can be sent promptly please to [email protected] . All those who apply will recieve a reply from me. I look forward to hearing and working with all of you on this. It should be great fun and Im sorry to have the startup very professional sounding. Don’t let this deture anyone, as we will take anyones help we can get, the start will just need some solid people to work then we can open it up to many people.

       Sheridan Sellers

(Timothy) #2

I think it would be wise to build a basic modeler first with 1 or 2 people, before including other people into the project

(steve343) #3

u kind of missed the beta testers i know we havent got to that stage yet but its not as far as tutorial writing is.

slow down descide what program langauge your useing.

decide on a where your going to start

and decide on some targets.

THEN set up a web page and start requiting.

(kaktuswasse) #4

I agree with Kib! It’s better to develop the core with
2-5 really good persons,then make a public beta and then
open the source…

cya henrik

P.S.: i agree with steve343,too. Plan the developing
and decide the main targets!

(LethalSideP) #5

Yo guys.
I realise that people may interpret this message of mine as reluctance - that’s not it at all. I’m fully behind this project, and I fully intend to join this team.

But not yet. I think it would be wise to wait for Ton to get back to us first about the future of Blender. If Ton says that he’s had no luck with getting the IP (or even part of it), then I’ll gladly sign up as a project organiser/webmaster, and eventually as a coder too (I’m learning the necessary skills at the moment).

But not yet. I think we owe it to Ton to give him a chance to salvage his work before we give up on it. Soon, my friends. Soon. But not yet.


(MoreK) #6

I agree. I would also like to hear Ton’s comments first.

Sheridan, you seem to be really excited about this challenge. I’m too, and really would like to join the team if it ever comes true. If you want to take things litlle furher you could arrange an open brainstorming room with selected topics. Maybe here in Elysiun with Timothy’s help. Just a thought.


(Green) #7

hm. leader?
as in you tell people what to do?
Most of the time a leader in opensource projects is the main coder in the project.
Try to tell someone what to do when you are not paying them will not get you far…

So before I(we) give you any credit I think you should atleast get some basic code out there so we(I) know what you are doing.

(MoreK) #8

Yes, probably true, especially with small projects. But if the team is big, e.g. more than 20 persons or, it requires more coordination. And I see a benefit of having a dedicated person for organising the whole thing.

It’s also a question of project profile, low or high. I like “high profile”, lot of publicity, the project all around the news etc. :slight_smile: That requires extra work too…

(Aurelio) #9

We also shouldn’t forget that Ton has promised us that Blender would be set open source if he didn’t find a better solution. So until we know more it is a bit early even for planing such a project.

(CubeFan973) #10

I appointed myself to be the icon artist yesterday. I’ve already finished the Header icons on the buttons window, minus the Armatures button. (The Render buttons, the Materials, etc.) If we’re remaking Blender, we’ll need icons or you won’t get anywhere.

(CubeFan973) #11

Ton surveyed stockholders about open source. A very powerful one said no. Very little is possible for Blender. This is probably the closest we’ll ever come. If we don’t start planning, the idea might leave everyone’s heads except the ones who want it. And nobody will listen.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d better start making more icons. (It’s not like they’ll think they’re all the same–they’re in simple 3D.)

(MoreK) #12

CubeFan973, you are simply fabulous! Everyone’s chatting, you simply start building a new Blender. I’m touched.

Whatever you do, remember it will be worth of it. Even if there will not be Next-Generation-Blender ever.

(ssross) #13

You will only be a leader if people follow you. Why should we follow you? You (like me) have a weak showing in this forum. And I don’t remember much of you from the old forum. You can certainly ‘help’ keep things coordinated, but I don’t think you have the power/right to select who does what. Convince me differently.

Instead of giving you a private email list and a bunch of resumes, I would rather see a public wish list of features. From that we can decide on a program design direction. I would like a place where we can post fragments/ideas/etc so others can critique them. I would like the community’s answer the question: What makes you stick with Blender? What is the ‘soul’ of Blender? This is what we want to create.

I don’t doubt that most of the categories you list will exist. But I doubt that the staffing will be static (example: programmers will come and go as schedules and interest dictate). Today I code, tomorrow I build some content, hey… maybe I’ll even document someting (could happen :slight_smile: )

I think we do need someone(s) technically astute to help decide what gets included in the code, and that person must represent the desires of and be trusted by the comunity.

      • scott

(kos) #14

what kind of project is this?do you need a 3d-modeller?..then i’m in! :smiley:

(gargola) #15


(xype) #16

I am assuming you sucessfully completed a few big software projects as a leader already, right? :-?

(overextrude) #17

This is the most sensible thing I’ve read thus far…just my opinion, though. You can’t really design something well unless you know what it’s supposed to do, and knowing what it’s supposed to do will allow for a much more detailed, organized, and accurate game plan.

(xype) #18

Someone should have told that to NaN back in 2000.

(pato) #19


In most open source projects the way you become the leader of a project is to just get started working while other people are talking about it! =D Start planning and soliciting feedback from the community about features they would like to see in a new Blender. IMHO you shouldn’t try to recreate Blender. You should create a better Blender! :slight_smile: Find out what people love and loathe about Blender. Do a survey of other popular 3d apps and their capabilities and find out what people like the most about those other apps (probably by stopping by other app’s forums). Combine the two to make a best of breed modeler and get to hacking! If your work is interesting (ie it shows promise) others will join.

Its very difficult (and probably not advisable) to start with a large group of developers initially. You’ll need a small nimble group initially because your design and implementation will change a great deal as you bump into unforeseen difficulties. With a large group comes a lot of overhead and crappy management stuff. Believe me, you’ll have your hands more than full managing 3-5 people if they are productive! You definitely don’t want a large group initially. At any rate it looks like you have CubeFan973 who seems to be willing and able to help do non programming types of things and that’s a good start as your project will need a web site, a mailing list, documentation and GUI artwork (all of which eat up a not so insignificant amount of time). Starting a project on Sourceforge would be a good first step IMO.

Some people have mentioned that you don’t have a lot of name recognition in the Blender community. I say the quickest way to achieve that recognition is to get to work and earn that recognition! :slight_smile:

(CubeFan973) #20

Should I make the icons for the headers one header at a time, or go all out and start every one of them ASAP? After all, this project won’t be finished in 3 days unless you either find a way to get Blender source code, or get some reallly fast programmers. As a matter of fact, this project won’t be finished if we become like NaN and keep adding on stuff.

Oh, and the thing about how to start? Modelling first, animation second, whatever came next then (i.e. GameBLender, which hopefully we won’t rely on so much).

PS: What’s IMHO? (I don’t know! Nobody’s perfect)