Starting on 3rd-person mouselook but have a weird problem. Please help. (Prob. easy)


I do fine with First Person mouselook (TutorialsforBlender3d).

I want to do a 360 degree mouselook sort of like in Uncharted 2. (No, I’m not trying to make a game like Uncharted 2) I just wanted to get a super-basic prototype done.

Instead of having a camera and a box like the tutorial makes you do for first person, I named one box Camera to trick the script into making that look up and down, not the player.
Here’s where it gets weird.

If I test it without entering camera view, it works fine. The boxes move and rotate like they are supposed to.
If I enter the camera view before starting the engine, the box that is supposed to rotate left and right instead rotates up and down while the other box, the up and down box the camera is parented to will not rotate at all.

Blend is attached.

How can I fix this?

Edit: I feel like a complete idiot.

Turns out there was no problem in the first place! I had it on Wireframe, so it looked like only the one box was rotating. Of course it looked like that, the box was centered in the other! When I went shaded it was very obvious.

Thanks anyway.
Please feel free to laugh at me.


testlook.blend (148 KB)

That’s because the camera is parented to one of the boxes, so it rotates along with the box.
To fix this, select the camera and then the box, and enter edit mode, select one of the vertices, and parent the camera to the vertex (You can put a new vertex in the center of the mesh). This will prevent the camera from rotating with the box.

Oh yeah, you should probably unparent it from the box first.

EDIT: Oh nevermind. I guess I didn’t read the rest of your post.