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Im not new to blender and have experience in modeling, but i want to explore the game engine more. The only thing ive figured out to do is have things collide. Im wondering how you can make say a model go(walk, drive, move) around a plane. are there any good tutorials or anything. sry for the noob question but everyone starts some where right.

also, say i had in an animation, something fly into a group of odjects. is there a way so that i can have the object fly into the group of objects and have them collide and bounce around with out having to model the actual collison it self.

any help help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advace

there you go…

I will never understand why they make it so hard to find the blender summer of code tutorials.

we need to hire a librarian to conqueror the blender wiki…

later on this may help

not a tutorial, but you may learn from it.