Starting steps to model an Australian Cattle Dog

Consider the two pictures of my Australian Cattle Dog “Brier Haven’s Boatswain’s Mate” aka “Bosun.”

In a story that I am writing I have Perth and Sydney who are a pair of mischievous Australian Cattle Dogs that add some comic relief to the story as well as color. The illustration I have in mind is the two of them frolicking down a passageway after having escaped their owner’s quarters in the Mars Colony structure.

I started to block a copy of Bosun out and failed miserably several times. The geometry I started with was a box for the body and another for the head. I am struggling to figure out the ears, paws and tail.

Any pointers for this newbie?

Google “Model a dog with Blender” and there are several tutorials on how to model a dog. Or go to blendswap and download one and let that be your starting point.