Starting the GE gives me a grey screen!

hey there

Im not sure if this is a common problem, but every time I want to start the game engine by pressing the “P” key. I see nothing but a grey or blue screen.

The funy thing is, this only happens after I have rotated the camera around a few times, but not always, sometimes it just does it from the start.

It works once again after I restart blender, but whats the use in that :frowning:

Anyone have any solutions, perhaps I am just being a noob.

It’s probably your camera that is the problem. Try to size it down or make a new one, maybe you should just size everything you got down…good luck…:eyebrowlift:

I sized it don first : still not working
I added a new one : still not working

but thanks for your support

Any other solutions. (I must also add that this problem happens with 2.47 and 2.48)

also here are my pc specs :

Intel Pentium® 2.4 Ghz processor
ATI Radeon X800 XT PE 256mb
1.00 GB RAM

also latest drivers for all known hardware

Try to go into the gam engine when you are not in camera view. Or have you tried that already…if it works when you are not in the camera it’s the camera that is the problem…I have had a similiar problem you see…and I never solved it.

Im afraid it doesnt work either way, I have tried.

I have heard rumours of blender and ATI graphics cards are inclined to cause problems…could this be the cause?

I’ve had the exact problem a while ago and wrote an almost identical post about it. I saved and reloaded the .blend or restarted blender when it started to happen… that works for a while. I got a new laptop and I haven’t encountered it since so I guess it is a hardware problem. I think I have a radeon x600 in the computer with the same problem as you.

I’m not sure if I ever filed a bug report.