Starting threading and self bugs

I am currently having some problems regarding threads. When I try to call start() for the thread I get the error that I need to send an argument with it. According to all the tutorials, examples and Python 3 docs I have to call it like this: SensorThread.start( self ).

The problem is that Blender won’t recognize self, even though it is being recognized in Netbeans (The IDE I use for java/Python).

This is the code I use for the thread, basicly I want it to search for input so it won’t freeze the rest of the program while doing so.

class SensorThread(threading.Thread):
    def __init__( self ):
    def run ( self ):


I just started using threads a shot time ago. If you click on the link in my signature it will take you to a page with a list of BLEND file. Take a look at the Camera Plus (threaded frame review) link. This is my first successful attempt at using threads with Blender. Maybe there is some code in there that can help you out.