Starting Tips for Logo Animation

I’m completely new to 3D animation and am trying Blender for the first time. I’d like to make a 6 second logo with a 3D Text name “Wil” where the “L” hops up and sprouts a golf-head and swings at the dot of the “i” and hits it (like a golf ball) and the ball flies at the camera and blocks out the light or totally engulfs (pun intended) the camera in white.


It’s for a gift. I don’t have a due date in mind so weeks, months, years, it’s ok. I’m familiar and comfortable with video editing and image editing. I’ve gone through the 7 very basic tutorials on Blender’s website.

  1. Is Blender the right tool? This will never be a profession or consuming hobby of mine so the $1,000 for some of the commercial alternatives is out.

  2. How should I handle the “i” and the “L”? Can they still be ‘text’ objects if I’m going to have to animate and manipulate them? At the very least I’d assume they have to be separate text blocks than the rest of the name so they can move independently. Is there a way to turn a text letter into an object so the fonts match?

  3. Are there existing projects that share some elements of my goal that I should start with and edit, or is this a start from scratch project?

  4. Should I be thinking about using pre-made objects (golf ball and golf club) from something like turbosquid? I tried loading a few objects from turbosquid in the 2 hours of playing with Blender so far, but was not able so successfully load any of them.

  5. Any tips?

  6. If I realize I don’t have the time or talent to finish after I’ve given adequate attempts, any good spots to hire someone to do it (and include the project)?

Thanks in advance!


Just a bump. Does anyone think this is the right direction? Will the “L” and “i” have to be non-font objects for me to manipulate them like a golf ball and club? Is there a way to export a single font character into a standard object?



Blender can do all that for sure. As to details, it really depends on what kind of imagery you are trying to achieve. For example do you want “L” to morph into real golf club, or just small change in shape to make it like golf club shape? Or no change in L shape at all.