Starting tutorials

I just got my first payment from google for my youtube, apperently it’s been building for months!


What would be a good topic that the community wants?

6dof - Walker
6dof - Car
“Lock Step” Logic controlled animation and triggers.

Other suggestions?

Enough “posts” regarding the same topic and I will do a tutorial on that tonight !
(my wifish person will not murder me now, as I am making a little $$)

Here are some suggestion.

A dialogue sytem.

Allies that help you fight enemies.

Destructible environments.

Getting in and driving a vehicle and out of a vehicle.

Swaping weapons with a allie.

I recommend you get a screen recorder so you can stop using that terrible camera of yours :stuck_out_tongue:
Generally improve the quality of your videos (things like video resolution, mic quality, speaking clearly etc. all help) as you make more. This is as important as the content – if the quality of your presentation of a tutorial isn’t great, nobody will want to see the content.

I like the suggestions 3d solar system builder made, but I don’t think you should do a tutorial on a topic that has already been covered by someone else, do an original and interesting topic.

Have fun and I look forward to your tutorials :slight_smile:

Here are some other ideas for tutorials.

Have allies appear to respond emotionally to what you type in a dialogue system.Like for instance if you type the wrong thing.They will stop being your allie.

You could also make allies respond to who you attack.If you attack the wrong person they will become your enemy.

Also you can make a allie respond to how long you take to do something by saying," What took you so long?"

Already done:

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have a bunch of tutorials that cover a variety of BGE topics, so be sure to take a look:

pff Goran just pimped his s**t and HiJacked you thread :slight_smile: I kid. You both make good stuff. I would agree you gotta get rid of that darn phone recorder though. Free and Quality screen recorders are everywhere… plus I believe there might even be a Blender Plugin. Either way keep it up and try to keep the tutorials on real world skills. Having a unique way of doing something isn’t going to help someone trying to get into the professional field…